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Air Conditioning Service in San Bernardino, CA

Sanborn’s provides prompt and efficient services for air conditioning units. Whether you need preventive maintenance, repair, air conditioner installation or replacement, Sanborn’s serves all of San Bernardino, CA.

Trust the air conditioning contractors at Sanborn’s to get the job done right the first time. We are the air conditioning company that goes above and beyond to perform excellent customer service all year long.

Air Conditioner Installation

Feeling hot and sticky? Don’t sit at home and sweat the summer away. If you’re noticing signs of wear and tear on your central air conditioner, or another cooling system, it is probably time for a replacement model.

Replace your aging air conditioning system with new Daikin air conditioners for maximum home comfort and energy efficiency. Each new air conditioner installation we complete includes our 5 Star Satisfaction Guarantee.

Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioning unit fails to keep your home cool, our skilled heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians arrive right away to examine your air conditioning system, find the problem, and perform the air conditioning repair service needed to improve indoor comfort.

Our air conditioning contractors perform air conditioning repair for all brands and models of AC systems, ensuring you receive a quality HVAC repair. Contact us today for air conditioning service in San Bernardino, CA.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

When your AC system requires a tune-up, there is no better team than Sanborn’s. As a certified San Bernardino HVAC contractor, we use the latest technology and solutions to restore efficiency to air conditioners, alleviate your anxieties, and restore that cool back right where you and your family need it – inside your home.

Schedule a tune-up today for your AC unit or join our 5 Star Comfort Plan!

Heat Pumps

When it comes to dependable and professional service for heat pumps in San Bernardino, CA, Sanborn’s is the name you can trust. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for all your heating and cooling systems. Whether you require installation of new heating and cooling equipment, repair, or maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Heat Pump Installation

At Sanborn’s, our heat pump installation service is second to none. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your new heat pump is installed with precision. We’ll assess your property, recommend the most suitable heat pump system, and then meticulously install it.

Heat Pump Repair

When heat pumps act up, you need swift and effective solutions to restore comfort to your home. Sanborn’s offers prompt and reliable heat pump repair in San Bernardino, CA. Our NATE-certified technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of issues that heat pumps face.

We’ll quickly identify the problem and implement the necessary fixes, ensuring that your heat pump operates efficiently once again.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Preventive HVAC maintenance is key to keeping heat pumps in peak condition and extending their lifespan. Sanborn’s provides comprehensive maintenance services for heat pumps, designed to keep your HVAC unit running smoothly.

Our service agreements include regular inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems.

Air Handlers

Whether you need a new air handler installed, a quick repair, or regular maintenance to keep your system running smoothly, Sanborn’s team of certified professionals has you covered. We prioritize efficiency, energy savings, and indoor air quality, ensuring that your home or business remains comfortable year-round.

Our commitment to excellent customer service, coupled with our knowledge of the unique climate demands in San Bernardino, makes our locally owned and operated company the go-to choice for all your air handler needs.

Ductless Systems

Sanborn’s is your source for reliable ductless mini split services in San Bernardino, CA. Our dedicated team specializes in installation, repair, and maintenance of these energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, ensuring that residents in the San Bernardino area can enjoy year-round comfort.

Whether you need a brand-new ductless mini split system expertly installed to meet your specific needs, require a quick and reliable repair to restore your existing system’s functionality, or simply wish to keep your HVAC units running at peak efficiency through regular maintenance, Sanborn’s is the HVAC company you can trust.

Hybrid HVAC Systems

Sanborn’s offers innovative solutions to meet the heating and air conditioning needs of our clients in San Bernardino. A hybrid HVAC system combines the benefits of both a central heating system and cooling system with advanced, energy-efficient technologies.

Our HVAC contractors are well-versed in the intricacies of hybrid HVAC systems, and we work diligently to install new HVAC system equipment, conduct timely repairs, and perform routine maintenance to maximize efficiency and longevity.

With Sanborn’s, customers can enjoy the best of both worlds in climate control, and rest assured that their systems will remain in top-notch condition year-round.

Furnaces and Heating Systems

Our team of HVAC contractors also provides a comprehensive range of heating system solutions, including installation services, repair, and maintenance, ensuring your home or business stays comfortably warm throughout the colder months. Our dedicated team of experts stands ready to deliver efficient, reliable, and cost-effective heating solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Furnace and Heating Installation Services

Sanborn’s stands as the trusted choice for heating and furnace installation services in San Bernardino, CA, ensuring your home remains safe and cozy during the winter season. Our expert team is committed to delivering customized heating solutions that guarantee warmth and reliability.

The NATE-certified technicians at Sanborn’s take pride in their craftsmanship, ensuring your system’s optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Furnace and Heating Repair

A reliable heating system is just what San Bernardino, CA area homeowners and business professionals need to keep their indoor spaces nice and cozy when outdoor temperatures dip. Don’t be stuck suffering without heat – Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating dispatches experienced and certified technicians to make quick repairs that will deliver warmth for all your living areas this winter. Count on our service professionals for reliable heating system and furnace repairs.

Heating Maintenance

Our team of highly skilled HVAC professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your heating system operates efficiently and reliably throughout the year. From routine maintenance checks to regular cleaning for your heater, Sanborn’s is committed to keeping your home or workplace comfortably warm, making them the go-to choice for all heating system needs in San Bernardino.

Indoor Air Quality Services in San Bernardino, CA

At Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we are dedicated to improving the quality of the air you breathe. Trust us to provide expert installation, repair, and maintenance services for these indoor air quality solutions, ensuring that you and your loved ones can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment year-round. We offer a range of indoor air quality solutions tailored to your specific needs:

  • Filters: We offer a variety of high-quality filters that effectively remove airborne contaminants, ensuring cleaner and fresher air.
  • Dehumidifiers: Control humidity levels to prevent mold and mildew growth with a whole home dehumidifier, making your space more comfortable and healthier.
  • Humidifiers: Whole home humidifiers maintain an ideal indoor humidity to alleviate dry air discomfort and promote better respiratory health.
  • Media Air Cleaners: Our state-of-the-art media air cleaners capture and eliminate particles, allergens, and pollutants, providing a breath of fresh air for your indoor space.
  • Thermostats: Stay in control with advanced thermostats that allow you to manage your indoor environment efficiently, enhancing comfort and energy savings.
  • UV Air Cleaners: UV air cleaners harness the power of ultraviolet light to destroy harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, making your air cleaner and safer for all occupants.

Commercial HVAC Services in San Bernardino, CA

Business owners in San Bernardino, CA, choose Sanborn’s for top-tier commercial HVAC services to keep their businesses running smoothly. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to meet your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.

At Sanborn’s, we prioritize your comfort and peace of mind, delivering exceptional HVAC services that keep your business environment perfectly regulated.

Our services include:

  • Commercial HVAC Installation: We offer expert installation and replacement services, ensuring your HVAC systems are set up efficiently, with the latest technology to meet your specific requirements.
  • Commercial HVAC Repair: When your HVAC system needs repair, count on our skilled technicians to swiftly diagnose and resolve any issues, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your business operations.
  • Commercial HVAC Maintenance: Preventive maintenance is crucial to extending the lifespan and efficiency of your HVAC systems. Our regular maintenance services keep your equipment in peak condition, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing long-term operational costs.
  • Automation: Embrace cutting-edge automation solutions to gain greater control over your HVAC systems. We provide smart automation options to enhance energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience for your commercial space.

Electrical Services in San Bernardino, CA

Our talented support staff listens to your questions and deploys an electrician with the knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art tools to solve your issue. We offer many electrical services in San Bernardino including:

Contact Sanborn's for Reliable HVAC and Electrical Services

Sanborn’s provides expert home services with a courteous and accommodating staff of HVAC professionals and electricians. For year-round comfort in your San Bernardino area home or business, trust the heating and air conditioning experts at Sanborn’s. Our certified professionals are expertly trained and offer reasonable prices on all of our services.

For any electrical issue within your home or business, Sanborn’s has professional services.  Contact us today to schedule service.

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