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With an increased focus on renewable energy heat pumps, more of our customers are inquiring about the capability of heat pumps. For homeowners throughout the Inland Empire, heat pumps provide an extremely well constructed and durable means to provide relief from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. These versatile appliances are the workhorses of indoor climate control and Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating in your local specialist in all the best options for our area.

Many homeowners in San Bernardino and Riverside area have already discovered the energy efficiency of heat pumps. Heat pumps are constructed to run well for years on end, but that doesn’t mean yours will last forever. If your Inland Empire heat pump is not performing to its fullest Sanborn’s offers comprehensive services including diagnosing issues, performing repairs and when necessary replacing older heat pumps with a new heat pump unit. As a local company we work with homeowners to ensure we’re matching the ideal heat pump system to your home. This includes a range of conventional air source heat pumps, solar heat pumps and ductless heat pumps otherwise known as ductless mini splits. As technology has rapidly advances in the last few years, you will greatly appreciate our care and knowledge. We are committed to identifying the best heat pump system for your needs – one that will offer better efficiency, comfort and reliability. Contact us today to get your free estimate on installing a heat pump and indoor air handler unit!

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

There are a number of heat pump designs. Geothermal heat pumps have long been used to capitalize on the heat stored within the ground. Air source heat pumps are the most common design in Redlands, CA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you are replacing an existing heat pump, installing a brand new system or upgrading a central air conditioner with a heat pump, the process is very similar. All heat pumps run completely on electricity which means the outdoor unit and indoor units do not produce any direct emissions. This is the primary reason heat pumps are rising in popularity.

Heat pumps also feature a dual mode of cooling and warming. In cooling mode, refrigerant passes through an expansion device. This extremely cool refrigerant enters the indoor air handler in your home. Inside your home air is cold as heat is transferred from indoor air to the refrigerant. Refrigerant is transferred out of your home leaving indoor temperatures comfortable and cold.

In heating mode, the process is reversed. Outdoor air is compressed and heated pressurized refrigerant enters your home. Heat in the refrigerant is transferred to indoor air and circulated throughout your home.

Heat pumps can work just like a central air conditioner system and a gas furnace. Warm air and cool air is maintained through a highly efficient all electric system. When replacing an air conditioner or furnace there is no need to have a new duct system installed. Sanborn’s heat pump installation uses your existing ductwork. For homes that do not feature air ducts or for converted spaces like home additions, garages and sun rooms, ductless heat pumps may be installed.

Affordable Redlands Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

Are you interested in heat pump installation? Do you need heat pump replacement in Redlands, CAor in the surrounding areas? How much does heat pump installation cost? Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating carefully listens to your questions and provides answers that are easy to understand.

Professional heat pump installation is absolutely necessary if you want your HVAC system to work just as it should for an extended period of time. Every home is unique and the goals of your household will be considered when Sanborn’s assesses your home. Installing a heat pump or mini split heat pump is a major investment. We help you design a system that fits your home and built to last for years. You want to ensure that your heat pump’s heating and cooling output matches the size and layout of your home. While the initial installation cost is import, heat pump efficiency greatly reduces your monthly energy use and electric bills. The right heat pump size saves you money every month for years.

Sanborn’s is more than cooling and heating experts. When you call our friendly support staff will match you with a heat pumps specialist. Our technicians will help you identify whether your existing heat pump needs to be repaired or whether replacement is recommended. The most common signs you should contact our team for heat pump diagnosis include:

Your Unit Isn’t Performing Well

If your air source heat pump system isn’t working as well as it used to there may be a need for repair or you may be better off with a replacement heat pump. Instead of simply dealing with your discomfort, new systems get stronger and more effective each year. The latest heat pumps work even more efficiently and are effective across a broader range of temperatures than ever before!

Your Energy Bill Prices Are Increasing

As a heat pump ages components become worn and performance drops. The health of your heat pump can be measured by your energy bill. If you see energy use steadily climbing or a sudden increase call our team. Some issues may be remedied with quality tune up services and others require heat pump repair.

Efficiency has been the name of the game in heating and cooling technology for years now. Every year, new heat pump systems come out stronger, better, and more effective than the last. You can use this to your advantage! Although heat pump cost is considerable, a new installation will likely save money on energy bills in the long run. Especially for homeowners who intend to stay in your current home for the next few years, saving on heat pump repairs and reducing bills provides peace of mind.

Frequent Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps that require frequent repairs become burdensome. We’re proud to provide professional repair, but we’re not blind to the fact that it can get expensive! Avoid treading water or worse sinking into a cycle of constant repairs to a failing heat pump unit. Make the move to get a newer, stronger heating and cooling system for your home.

Your Current System Is Older than 10 Years

Heat pump systems are quite durable, but past the 10-year mark, they often begin losing effectiveness. Heat pump costs include monthly bills to operate, annual repair costs and bi-annual maintenance. Depending on the type of heat pump and the how hard the heat pump works, Sanborn’s may recommend replacing an older heat pump model with a new model. Once a heat pump becomes more costly to operate and need repairs far too often heat pump installation costs are more affordable. New units are also backed by manufacturer warranty and we offer a complete maintenance program to protect your purchase. If this sounds like your heat pump system, we think you know the best solution.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Heat Pump in Redlands, CA

You’re probably wondering what kind of upfront cost you’ll pay for heat pump system installation, right? Sanborn’s is happy to help you with a full estimate prior to performing any work. We are also happy to offer a second opinion if another contractor’s price seems too high.

Three factors that affect the price of your heat pump installation include:

The HVAC Contractor You Hire

The truth is higher quality contractors come with higher prices, which is all the more reason why San Bernardino and Redlands homeowners shouldn’t skimp on who they hire. Choosing a heat pump specialist prevents you from having to pay for expensive heat pump repairs and unnecessary replacements. An improper heat pump installation by inexperienced contractors is one of the most common reasons our specialist are called to perform repairs.

The Heat Pump Unit Itself

When it comes to choosing which heat pump system to purchase, there are five factors that affect the cost of your heat pump system:

  • Brand
  • Size
  • Type of system
  • Sound level
  • SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) and HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) ratings

Any different combination of these five factors can drastically impact how much you’ll pay for heat pump installation cost. The specialists at Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating will walk you through all of these factors and help you determine the right unit that fits your home and budget.

Tax Credits & Rebates You Qualify For

Heat pump prices are only part of the story. There may be federal and California tax credits and rebates you qualify for. The more you can lower the price of your heat pump installation through programs. Because heat pumps are so energy efficient, many power companies offer special tax credits or rebates for homeowners who install one in their home. Contact us to learn more about tax credits and rebates available and which one will help you the most.

Complete Heat Pump Equipment Inspections

Heat pump systems demand routine care to continue providing you with the best in energy efficiency and comfort. And since they are used all year long, bi-annual maintenance is an absolute must! Regular maintenance on your heat pump will lengthen its life and make you more comfortable in the long run. Not only that, but you’ll also notice that you need significantly less repairs, as our technicians are able to catch minor issues before they grow to become more dangerous and expensive.

Our heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians can meet your heat pump’s care needs, offering preventive maintenance services that ensure you get the most in comfort and quality from your heat pump all year long. Give us a call, or contact us online to get in touch with the heating and cooling professionals at Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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