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Heating Installation Services in Redlands, CA

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a New Heating System?

We carry new heaters for every type of heating system. Each system has a different set of benefits that can help you in making your selection. Knowing whether or not you actually have to replace the whole system, however, is the first step in the decision process.

Your heater should be replaced if it is older than 10 years – or 15 years for some units – and regularly needs maintenance that is adding up to more than the value of the unit. Some older units can pose safety concerns as well. A new heater installation can protect you and your property by bringing the most advanced heating technology into your home.

Once you have decided to replace your heater, we can walk you through the pros and cons of each unit to decide whether you want to remain with your old heating style or switch to another that better suits your type of home.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a new heating system in Redlands, CA:

The Size of the System

You’ll first need to determine the right size furnace for your home. Installation of an oversized or undersized unit can cause issues and end up costing you significantly more money on your monthly energy bills.

British thermal units, or BTUs, measures how much heat a furnace can produce in an hour. A 2,100-square-foot home, for example, may require 63,000 to 126,000 BTUs, while a 2,400-square-foot house might require 72,000 to 144,000 BTUs.

The highly trained heating and air conditioning technicians at Sanborn’s will perform a load calculation to determine the number of BTUs needed to properly heat your property.

AFUE Rating

If your Redlands, CA, furnace or is more than 15 years old, it’s definitely a good idea to replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient system. Technology advances have made today’s heating and air conditioning systems much more efficiently, which can save you a significant amount of money on your home’s monthly energy bills.

Check out the furnace’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratio before making a purchase. An AFUE ratio is the percent of heat produced for each dollar of fuel that is consumed. The higher the AFUE rating, the more energy-efficient your furnace is. The minimum standard for new furnaces is 78%, while a high-efficiency furnace has an AFUE ratio of 90% or higher.

The Heating System’s Cost

Be careful not to buy the cheapest heating system on the market. While it will save you some money upfront, cheaper, less efficient systems are more prone to breaking down over time and are not nearly as energy-efficient. The professional heating and cooling system technicians at Sanborn’s can advise you on the best type of furnace or heating system for your Redlands, California, home.

Hiring a Reputable Company

When purchasing a heating system for your home, make sure to hire a business that will install it correctly. An improperly installed furnace can lead to electrical issues, decreased efficiency, and even safety risks because of possible fuel leaks. You could end up paying a small fortune on repairs and energy bills if your Redlands, California, heating system isn’t installed correctly.

Heater Replacement Options in Redlands

Heat Pumps

One of the most energy-efficient heater options as they do not heat the air but instead push warm air into and out of the home. They also partner with a duct system to get the air through each room.

Ductless Heating System

Ductless heating systems are the most non-invasive system, as they consist of individual units installed in each room. These units can provide both heating and cooling for your Redlands, CA, home, adding versatility to this convenient equipment.


This type of heating system can run on electricity, gas, as well as oil. Furnaces are the most common heating equipment in the county. It works by pushing heated air through ductwork and distributing it through vents to warm your home.

Whatever unit you select for heater installation in your Redlands, CA, home, you can count on our HVAC technicians to provide you with a quick and efficient installation as well.

How Can I Protect My New Heater?

Our preventive maintenance visits are always thorough and professional. You can ensure that your visit was up to our standards by following the Preventive Maintenance Checklists below for your equipment type.

  • Verify thermostat operation
  • Check indoor and outdoor units function
  • Confirm the heat works
  • Replace the air filter or clean if reusable
  • Inspect bearings on the blower motor
  • Test blower belt, wear, tension
  • Verify voltage to the unit
  • Test amp draw on the blower motor
  • Check amperage draw on each element
  • Verify total amperage draw on elements
  • Inspect heat sequencer
  • Inspect electrical wiring and connections
  • Confirm temperature rise
  • Verify supply temperature
  • Inspect heat anticipator
  • Clean, vacuum, and wax all necessary items

HVAC Financing Options

At Sanborn’s, we understand that replacing a heating system isn’t only expensive, but it’s usually an unexpected cost. That’s why our business offers several financing options. We’ve worked hard to team with several companies to offer you the following options to finance your new heating system:

  • Wells Fargo
  • Hero
  • Payzer
  • Redbrick

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Aside from installation services, Sanborn’s also offers 24/7 emergency repair services and maintenance for your heating system. We also offer air conditioning installation and air conditioning repair services. We offer free estimates on all new heating equipment. Give our phone number a call today for more information on installing a new HVAC system in your Redlands home.

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