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Heat Pump Tune Up Services in Redlands, CA

Expert Heat Pump Maintenance, Inspection, and Tune Up Services for the Inland Empire and Surrounding Areas

Heat pumps are energy-efficient appliances for both cooling and heating your Inland Empire home. During the extreme heat of summer, heat pumps provide comfort within your home. When temperatures dip in the fall and winter, heat pumps deliver warmth. With simple maintenance from our professional HVAC technicians, Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating help your heat pump run more efficiently. 

When bi-annual maintenance and inspections are performed, heat pumps operate up to 25% more efficiently. Heat pump maintenance visits are an affordable way to reduce energy usage and lower electricity bills. The heat pump maintenance cost normally pays for itself over time. A well-maintained heat pump is less likely to require heat pump repairs and typically has a longer lifespan than neglected equipment.

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When to Schedule Heat Pump Tune-Ups

We offer heat pump maintenance at any time but following a regular schedule is most beneficial. Air source heat pumps operate through all seasons so manufacturers and our experts advise a tune-up in the spring before the cooling season and a second tune-up in the fall before the heating season arrives. No matter what time of year, if you find that your Redlands, CA, heat pump is not performing well, our team provides complete heat pump repairs

There are many benefits of scheduling a heat pump maintenance visit in Redlands and the surrounding area. Beyond increasing energy efficiency, reducing repair risks, and maximizing lifespan, heat pump tune-ups increase performance, improve indoor comfort and protect warranty coverage. During a preventative maintenance visit, a Sanborn’s HVAC technician can catch minor issues within the system. Adjustments, cleaning, and replacement of worn parts boost performance and make sure your heat pump is providing comfort.

What is included in a Heat Pump Maintenance Visit?

Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating performs preventative maintenance on most major brands of heat pumps in the Inland Empire. Our heat pump service technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to perform all recommended services. Heat pump tune-ups include:

  • Clean the outdoor unit and interior equipment
  • Test and adjust electrical wiring
  • Lubricate and inspect moving parts like the blower wheel and fan belts 
  • Verify and test all electrical components
  • Check refrigerant levels and test for leaks in the system
  • Perform test operations of the heat pump
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Inspect the ventilation system and air filter for proper airflow
  • Evaluate the condition of major components including motors and blowers

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Signs of Heat Pump Issues

Scheduling heat pump maintenance is often not a priority for busy homeowners. Between family and work, heat pumps may often be neglected as long as they work properly. Our team often performs repairs and even costly complete replacements that could have been avoided with routine maintenance. Scheduling maintenance is important and even more so if you notice any of these common issues. 

Increased Energy Use

A sudden increase in energy bills indicates a heat pump is working harder to produce comfort in your home. Clogged filters, low refrigerant levels, and dirty air filters may all impact how your heat pump runs. Monitoring your energy bill warns you when your heat pump needs to be maintained.


If you notice strange sounds from your heat pump, there could be an obstruction, worn parts, or even dirt in the system. Contacting our team quickly may be the difference between an affordable tune and an expensive repair. 

Strange Odors

Like noises, your heat pump should not smell. When heat pumps are neglected accumulating dust, debris, and issues within the system may lead to mold growth and musty smells. Foreign objects may also cause strange odors in your heat pump. 

Declining Performance

Clogs in ductwork and build-up of debris may be to blame for poor airflow. Changes in temperature like uneven temperatures in your home and failure to achieve the desired temperature are often remedied with maintenance. When a thermostat is not properly calibrated, refrigerant levels are not verified and systems are neglected, heat pumps struggle to provide comfort.

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Why Choose Sanborn's for Heat Tune-Up Services in Redlands, CA?

Our 5-Star Comfort Plan is the most cost-effective way to ensure that the HVAC system in your home operates at a high level, experiences fewer breakdowns, has a longer service life, and more! Our team of well-trained and friendly heat pump experts provide exceptional service and take the time to answer your questions. If you have any concerns with your heat pump and other HVAC equipment, our technicians are knowledgeable. Our goal is to proudly serve residents in Redlands, Loma Linda, and the surrounding areas of the Inland Empire for all your cooling and heating needs. As a family-owned business, we place a priority on making sure our community is comfortable. When you choose Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating, you gain a team of professionals that are wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring you get absolutely nothing short of perfect service every time. Schedule heat pump maintenance today.

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