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Backup Generator Services in Redlands, CA

Backup Generators

It’s no secret that being without power for an extended period of time can quickly lead to issues. Whether the lack of power is due to a storm or collapsed power line, whole-home backup generators can provide your home with a power source to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable during a power outage. 

Sanborn’s provides Redlands, CA area homeowners with whole-home backup generator installation, repair, and maintenance services to help with all of their generator needs. Get in contact with our team today to get started. 

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Backup Generator Installation in Redlands, CA

When your home’s power is on and things are working as they should, it’s easy to put off installing a backup generator. However, a power outage won’t wait to strike until you’ve had the chance to install a backup generator. An outage can occur at any moment, and installing a whole-home backup generator is the best way to prevent serious issues from occurring. 

Installing a backup generator in Redlands, CA can provide your home with benefits including:

  • Reliable Backup Power Supply: A backup generator provides a reliable source of power during outages or blackouts, ensuring that you have electricity when you need it most.
  • Restore Power to Essential Appliances: Backup generators can power essential devices such as refrigerators, medical equipment, HVAC systems, and lighting, which are all critical to your family’s comfort and safety.
  • Increased Home Value: Installing a backup generator can increase the value of your home and even make it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Fewer Appliance Repairs: A backup generator can reduce the need for costly repairs or replacements of appliances that were damaged by power surges or outages.

At Sanborn’s, we believe that you deserve access to electricity at all times. We provide whole-home backup generator installation to homeowners throughout Redlands, CA, and the surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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Redlands, CA Backup Generator Repair

As reliable and durable as whole-home generators are, they can occasionally develop issues that require repairs in order to help them run smoothly again. Extended usage is the most common culprit of generator issues, but other factors such as weather and system age can play a role as well.

Schedule repair services with Sanborn’s in Redlands, CA if your generator:

  • Won’t Start: A generator that simply refuses to start is likely experiencing issues with its fuel system, battery, or starter. Contact Sanborn’s to have the issue fully investigated and solved.
  • Runs Poorly: If your generator runs poorly or stalls frequently, it could be due to clogged filters, dirty spark plugs, or problems with the carburetor.
  • Easily Overheats: When a generator overheats after hardly any usage, it is likely due to a problem with the cooling system, such as a clogged radiator or a failing fan.
  • Makes Strange Noises: Strange noises are often the result of engine issues, such as broken or worn-out internal components.

No matter the issue that your whole-home backup generator is experiencing, we’ll diagnose your system and discuss your options with you. Schedule repairs with our team today.

Backup Generator Maintenance Throughout Redlands, CA

You might currently have a generator in place, but can you trust it to provide your home with power if a blackout suddenly occurs? Each year, you should provide your whole-home generator with maintenance to ensure that it’s ready at all times. When you contact Sanborn’s for backup generator maintenance in the Redlands, CA area, we’ll perform the following services:

  • A visual inspection
  • Change the fuel and air filters
  • Change the oil
  • Check the battery
  • Clean the spark plugs
  • Check the fuel and exhaust systems
  • Check the alternator
  • Test the system

To make sure no steps are missed along the way, have a professional from Sanborn’s come out and provide your system with maintenance. We’ll keep your system running properly.

Why Sanborn’s?

Since 1949, we’ve provided Redlands, San Bernardino, and the Inland Empire with high-quality HVAC and electrical services. We strive to keep our team up-to-date on the latest advancements in the industry, ensuring that you receive service from an industry leader. We’re not satisfied with our work until you are, so we’ll do whatever it takes to earn your trust and satisfaction.

From generator installation to repair and maintenance in the Redlands, CA area, the team at Sanborn’s is knowledgeable and experienced on these systems to ensure you receive the best possible services. Contact us today to get started.

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Contact Sanborn’s for Backup Generator Services in Redlands, CA, and Beyond

Our team offers a wide range of electrical services, including backup generator installation, repair, and maintenance. Schedule an appointment with Sanborn’s in the Redlands, CA area today to get started.

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