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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality in Your Inland Empire, California Area Home

Many Inland Empire, California area homeowners don’t realize indoor air pollution is an even bigger concern indoors than it is outdoors. Indoor air pollutants reduce comfort and have the potential to impact your family’s health. With the right indoor air quality solutions from Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating, airborne contaminants are kept at bay, reducing allergy and asthma symptoms and protecting the ones you love.


There are many types of indoor air quality systems available – the right ones for your Inland Empire, California area home depend on the indoor air quality challenges you face. Air cleaners such as media air cleaners and UV air cleaners remove or neutralize contaminants for healthier indoor air. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers keep moisture levels balanced for improved comfort. And, a good thermostat gives the control you need over your entire HVAC system.

Air Filters

Air filters are crucial in keeping dust mites, dirt, debris, pet dander, and other pollutants out of your home’s air supply. Over time, as they collect these contaminants, they will become clogged, affecting airflow and leading to poor indoor air quality. Have your air filters replaced to breathe clean air once again.


During the summer, the outdoor air can bring humid conditions into your home. Dehumidifiers attach directly to your HVAC system to dehumidify the surrounding air. This increases home comfort and safety. Schedule installation services with our team today.


Just as air with too much humidity can affect your home, so can air that is not humid enough. If wood furniture in your home is cracking or you’re experiencing increased occurrences of allergies or dry, itchy skin, low humidity is likely the culprit. Have a whole-home humidifier installed directly to your existing HVAC equipment to experience more comfortable indoor conditions.

Media Air Cleaners

Media air cleaners are advanced filters that are designed to trap and eliminate dangerous airborne pollutants. These systems are up to 99.98% effective at removing airborne pollutants, helping your home breathe higher-quality air.


Whether your current thermostat is old and needs to be replaced, or you’re simply looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest in thermostat technology, Sanborn’s can help. Our team offers manual, programmable, smart, and WiFi thermostat installation services to ensure you get the right thermostat for your home’s needs. Schedule installation and repair services with Sanborn’s in Redlands, San Bernardino, and the Inland Empire today.

UV Air Cleaners

UV air cleaners utilize ultraviolet light to sanitize the air that passes through your HVAC system. The ultraviolet light is used in high concentrations to effectively kill or inactivate many types of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other microorganisms that may be present in the air. Schedule UV air cleaner installation services with our experienced team of IAQ experts.

Indoor Air Quality System Repair

Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating is dedicated to keeping your Inland Empire, CA family comfortable and healthy. We perform reliable indoor air quality system repairs to allow these essential systems to function at their best. When indoor air quality systems are failing, you do not benefit from the high level of contaminant removal and moisture balancing you need and expect – let Sanborn’s solve your indoor air quality issues for improved comfort and health.

Indoor Air Quality System Replacement

Indoor air quality system replacement and initial installation gives your Inland Empire, California area home the contaminant fighting power you need for better comfort and health. Our indoor air quality specialists help homeowners determine their indoor air quality challenges and what equipment is best needed for improvement. Our technicians perform expert installation, which is backed by our 5 Star Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Indoor Air Quality System Maintenance

Just like your heating and cooling equipment, indoor air quality systems need regular maintenance, too. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating delivers the care these systems require for continued performance and operation. Preventative maintenance allows your indoor air quality system to function at its best to fight indoor contamination in your home.

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