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Homeowner’s Guide to Heating Repair in Redlands, CA

Friends and family in other parts of the country may not realize this, but it can get chilly here in Redlands and require heating repair. At Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ve compiled a few of the common heating repairs for homeowners in our area.

Review our Homeowner’s Guide to Heating Repair and be informed the next time your furnace, heat pump or ductless heating unit refuses to operate as designed.

Common Heating Repair: The Thermostat

It may surprise you, but the thermostat is one of your most important air conditioning and heating devices. It calls the shots and your HVAC system is the team which implements the plays.

Every once in a while, someone “bumps” the thermostat and unknowingly changes the settings or even turns it off. This is a simple fix once discovered. If the thermostat is legitimately broken, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Common Heating Repair: The Furnace Blower

In a gas furnace, the gas blower is found between the furnace and the return ductwork. The blower sends cool air into the heat exchanger. The air picks up warmth before it enters the plenum and circulates through the ducts to the various rooms of your home.

If your furnace runs constantly a heating repair is likely needed. Check first if the thermostat is set to “continuous fan.” You can also lower the temperature on the thermostat. This may solve the problem.

A blower which continues to run also suggests a problem with the “limit switch.” This little component is important. If your furnace’s heat exchanger begins to overheat due to strain and constant cycles, the limit switch turns it off.

This is important because an overheated heat exchanger often develops cracks. Cracks allow gases from the combustion process to escape into your indoor air. This can be extremely dangerous, even lethal. There’s even a risk of fire if the conditions are right. The limit switch may need to be repaired or replaced.

When you schedule a tune-up with Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating, your technician comprehensively inspects the entire system. He or she uses a special telescoping camera to look for emerging cracks in the heat exchanger.

Try your best to prevent the need for a new heat exchanger. These are one of the most expensive and labor-intensive components to replace.

Common Heating Repair: Flame Sensor

Another safety feature, the flame sensor verifies the flow of natural gas into your furnace. If for any reason, the gas burners refuse to light, it’s the flame sensor’s job to shut off the gas valve.

This prevents gas from accumulating in your home. If the flame sensor malfunctions and shuts the gas valve unnecessarily, you could find yourself without heat.

Flame Sensor Malfunction Signs

  • Visible soot covers the flame sensor tip
  • There’s a crack in the white porcelain on your flame sensor, or it’s broken or
  • The gas burner lights but extinguishes after three or four seconds.

Heating Repair Experts in Redlands, California

If you’re a home or property owner in the greater Redlands area, Sanborn’s is available for all of your cooling and heating repair, maintenance and installation needs.

We proudly serve customers throughout the Inland Empire area, including San Bernardino, Highland, Beaumont, Grand Terrace and Loma Linda.

As a precaution, we encourage you to take advantage of our preventative heating and air service agreement. We call it the 5 Star Comfort Plan. All HVAC equipment needs routine service whether it’s relatively new or new to you.

The 5 Star Comfort Plan is a great value and saves you time. Plus, it makes taking care of your air conditioning and heating equipment so easy!

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