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Thermostat Services in Redlands, CA

Thermostats for Your Inland Empire Home

Communicate effectively with your San Bernardino, CA area home’s heating and cooling equipment with the right thermostat. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating offers a great selection of Wi-Fi-connected and programmable thermostats to easily improve energy efficiency at home. When you install a new thermostat with Sanborn’s, your equipment is protected by our 5 Star Satisfaction Guarantee.

We represent a variety of brands, such as Honeywell, EcoBee, Carrier and Nest. Let us help you pair the right thermostat with your HVAC unit. Not all thermostats are the same! We’ll highly recommend the right match for your HVAC system so you get the most value from your investment.

Signs That You Need Thermostat Repair or Replacement

HVAC System Won’t Turn Off

Your residential or commercial thermostat is designed to help your San Bernardino, CA home or business reach the temperature that you’ve set on the system. If your HVAC system seems to stay on much longer than needed or doesn’t turn off at all, there could be an issue with your thermostat. Commonly, the wire in thermostat systems that is responsible for turning off the fan or compressor can lose connection to the systems. When this happens, your HVAC equipment won’t know when to turn off, causing your equipment to run for longer.

Rising Energy Bills

A malfunctioning thermostat will not be able to properly communicate with your San Bernardino heating system. If the thermostat has issues that are causing your HVAC unit to short-cycle and never complete a full cycle, it could be raising your energy bills significantly. If this is an issue with the wiring within the thermostat, it can likely be repaired back to working order through our repair service. If the problem is more complex, however, you might find yourself needing a complete replacement service instead.

The Thermostat is 10 or More Years Old

Like every other appliance within your San Bernardino, CA home, your thermostat has a limited lifespan. As a general rule of thumb, any thermostat over 10 years old should be replaced. This is due to the increased likelihood of breakdowns and the increased number of repair services that you’ll likely need in order to keep your thermostat working as it should.

The Thermostat is Damaged

If your San Bernardino thermostat is exhibiting any signs of damage, such as a damaged display or a lack of any other functions, the system should be replaced. A system that is showing common signs of damage is much more likely to have an immediate breakdown. Take precautions and replace your damaged thermostat with a functional one.

Thermostat Repair

Whenever your San Bernardino, CA home or business is in need of thermostat repair services, get in touch with the professionals at Sanborn’s. Our experts are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable on all things thermostat repair and maintenance services. We have the tools necessary to bring your thermostat back to working condition.

Thermostat Installation

If it’s time to move on from your current thermostat and replace it with a new unit, our Inland Empire team is available to assist you. The proper installation service of your new thermostat is key to ensuring that your thermostat will work properly with your HVAC unit. Contact Sanborn’s for heating and air conditioning services that you can rely on.

have the tools necessary to bring your thermostat back to working condition.

Contact Sanborn's for Thermostat Installation and Repairs

If your thermostat is acting up and you fear that it might soon break down, call a heating and air conditioning company that you can trust. The technicians at Sanborn’s provide residential and commercial HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services in San Bernardino that our customers can trust.

In the unfortunate event that your San Bernardino property encounters an HVAC emergency, feel free to give us a phone call at any time. Our company offers emergency service 24 hours a day to ensure that your home or business is never without a reliable heating and air conditioning company. We’re available 24/7 to provide emergency service at whatever location you need us.

Sanborn’s has been serving customers in the San Bernardino County, Inland Empire, and Redlands, CA area for over 80 years. We’re proud of the high-quality work that our HVAC technicians are able to accomplish. If your home’s thermostat has been failing and it’s time to have maintenance, repairs, or a complete replacement performed, call us today. We’ll send an experienced technician your way as soon as possible to ensure that you acquire the service that you need.

Sanborn's Product | Honeywell® T6 Pro ThermostatSanborn's Product | Honeywell® T6 Pro Thermostat

Honeywell® T6 Pro Thermostat

  • Battery-powered (2 AA batteries) or hardwired
  • Heat pump: Up to 3 heat/2 cool
  • Conventional: Up to 2 heat/2 cool
  • Auto heat/cool changeover
  • Adaptive Intelligent Recovery
  • Dual fuel option
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