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SunTrac Hybrid Climate Systems

Innovative Patented Technology for Inland Empire Residential and Commercial HVAC

At Sanborn’s, we only use the highest quality heating and air conditioning products. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we are a certified dealer of SunTrac heating and cooling equipment. Available for both commercial and residential properties, SunTrac offers state-of-the-art hybrid climate systems to residents of Redlands, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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How Hybrid Climate Systems Work

Hybrid climate systems are designed to provide effective cooling, while using far less energy than traditional systems. SunTrac has developed and patented a technology that is able to capture radiant energy from the sun to improve and optimize the overall performance of your air conditioning.

Hybrid climate systems are an average of 40% more efficient to operate than traditional systems. After installing a hybrid climate system, you’ll find significant energy savings, while still maintaining the same levels of temperature control that you expect from your HVAC system.

If you’re looking for an HVAC system that is able to pay for itself through its incredible efficiency and incentives, look no further than a hybrid system from SunTrac. To ensure that your system is delivering maximum comfort, performance, and savings, SunTrac hybrid systems are paired with their active tracking technology.

Sanborn’s Lineup of SunTrac Heat & Air Systems

SunTrac offers a full range of energy-efficient and sustainable commercial air and heat solutions. Let’s discuss the types of SunTrac units Sanborn’s is selling.

Residential Products

Hybrid Climate Systems

Hybrid climate systems are an effective way to cool your home, while providing significant immediate and long-term energy savings.

Packaged & Split Systems

SunTrac offers both packaged and split HVAC systems. A packaged system combines heating and air conditioning into one single unit. On the contrary, a split HVAC system separates heating and air conditioning into two separate units.

Heat Pump & Gas

Heat pumps provide heating and air conditioning to your home through using the outside air. In the summer, your heat pump will remove the warm air from your home and pump it outside, cooling down your home. In the winter, it will provide warmth by either taking heat from either the ground or the air. Due to the source of a heat pump’s warmth, it uses far less energy than many other systems.

Gas heating systems, on the other hand, utilize gas to heat a home. They convert gas into heat that can be used to provide warmth to your whole house.

Air Purification Systems

Air cleaning and purification systems are critical to homes with people who suffer from allergy and asthma symptoms. Air purification systems are able to capture and remove any dirt, debris, bacteria, or other airborne contaminants and particles that lower your home’s air quality.

Commercial Products

Renewable energy for commercial buildings

Hybrid Climate Systems

Hybrid climate systems provide full cooling output, but still allow your home to see significant energy savings.

RTU & Split

RTU (rooftop unit) and split HVAC units are typically installed on the roofs of commercial buildings. Similar to a residential packaged system, RTU systems put both heating and cooling systems together into one single unit. Split systems divide the heating and cooling components into two separate systems.

RTU systems save more space compared to split HVAC systems, but can be more susceptible to damage, as all the wires are in the same place. Split systems are usually much more energy efficient, but will likely be more expensive to install.

Heat Pump & Gas

Heat pumps and gas systems are durable and efficient heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps provide heating by taking warmth from the outside ground and air in the winter months, and provide cooling by removing heat within your building and pumping it back outside.

Gas heating systems turn the fuel into heat that can be used for your entire business. While very efficient and reliable, gas heating systems can be more expensive on your energy bills.

VRF & Mini-Split

Often referred to as “ductless systems,” VRF and mini-split systems are both great options for commercial buildings. Both systems come in flexible sizes that can appeal to businesses and buildings of all sizes.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and mini-split systems utilize multiple indoor units to heat and cool your business to the desired temperature.

Applied Solutions

SunTrac offers applied chillers and custom solutions to help your business in any way possible. Chillers are a great option for buildings with a large number of people, as they deliver a constant flow of coolant throughout the facility.

Air Purification Systems

Your employees deserve to breathe fresh, clean air while at work, staying safe from any potential bacteria or viruses.

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What Are the Benefits of Choosing a SunTrac Product?

SunTrac manufactures a patented solar thermal panel system designed for integration with residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC Systems. Some of its many benefits include:

Tax credit eligible

Every system from SunTrac is eligible for a 26% Federal Tax Credit if purchased in 2021 and 2022. The tax credit will drop the following two years, so it’s important to act fast to take full advantage of available savings.

Energy savings

With an increase in your system’s overall efficiency by as much as 40%, you’ll also see significant energy savings. No longer will you see your energy bills rise through the roof due to the lack of efficiency from your current HVAC system.

Increase in efficiency

The technology offered by Sanborn’s will bring your home to your desired temperature quickly. Your system won’t need to stay on as long as traditional HVAC systems, providing greater energy efficiency.

Renewable energy method

SunTrac products are powered by radiant energy provided by the sun. With renewable energy from the sun, you’ll rely on energy that doesn’t produce greenhouse gases or air pollution.

Parts and labor warranty

SunTrac products are extremely reliable and effective. All SunTrac products are backed by a five-year parts and labor warranty for commercial systems, and a 12-year parts and labor warranty for residential systems. You can be sure that you’ll be covered in the unlikely event that any issues arise with your system.

Industry-leading equipment

SunTrac is at the forefront of the heating and cooling industry. They’ve developed and patented technology that can’t be matched. With products from SunTrac, you’ll be utilizing the latest and greatest in HVAC technology.

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Contact Sanborn’s for Installation of SunTrac Products

SunTrac products are incredibly efficient, reliable, and effective. For more information on how SunTrac products can help your home, or to schedule an installation, contact the professionals at Sanborn’s.

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