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Sanborn’s Experienced Furnace Repair Specialists Service the Greater San Bernardino and Redlands Area

Are you experiencing issues with your furnace? When your gas furnace struggles to keep your home warm and comfortable, call on Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating for home service solutions in San Bernardino and the Redlands, California area.

Our team acts quickly to diagnose the issue and makes sure your furnace efficiency is restored. Our highly trained team of professional HVAC technicians know when your gas furnace breaks down at the peak of winter the safety of your family and property are top of mind. Your furnace provides more than warm air, an energy-efficient furnace delivers peace of mind. Fortunately, Sanborn’s has a long history of repairing gas furnaces throughout the Inland Empire. Whether you own a single-stage furnace or multi-stage furnace, our highly skilled HVAC technicians have you covered.

Our professional HVAC technicians have exactly what it takes to provide you with fast repair so the loss of your furnace doesn’t leave you feeling chilly in your San Bernardino home for too long a time. From furnace repair to parts replacement and maintenance, our variety of residential heating services are available to provide you with a solution to your issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For a team of professionals that will get the job done right, request an appointment with us today!

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What Are the Most Common Furnace Issues?

Although there are many things that can go wrong with gas furnaces, there are some problems that come up more frequently than others. Here are some common furnace problems you might experience this winter:

Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter is one of the leading causes of breakdowns for all types of gas furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners. When your filter is clogged, your furnace chokes at the intake. Straining furnaces work much harder and moving parts are more likely to fail. Protect your furnace by regularly changing your air filter. Every gas furnace manufacturer offers various intervals but a good rule for the average San Bernardino home is checking air filters monthly and changing them at least every 3 months throughout the heating season. The cost of an air filter is minimal compared to heat exchangers, wasted energy use, and expensive furnace repairs.

Poor Airflow

A clogged air filter is one of the most common explanations for poor airflow. Other explanations include leaks in your ductwork, mechanical problems with your air handler and/or closed air vents. If you’ve checked to ensure that your filter is clean and all of your air registers are open, contact us so that we can determine what’s causing your airflow issues.

Thermostat Not Working Properly

Your thermostat is responsible for telling your gas furnace when to turn on and off. So even if your heating system is working great, a faulty thermostat can completely mess with your home’s temperature levels. One way to avoid this is to replace the batteries in your thermostat in order to ensure it has enough power. In addition, you may need to contact Sanborn’s to have your thermostat’s calibrations checked.

A modern energy-efficient gas furnace has an extremely high annual fuel utilization efficiency. These energy star-rated appliances are designed to produce heat effectively while using the least amount of natural gas or propane. A properly calibrated programmable thermostat or smart thermostat can save you hundreds of dollars on unnecessary energy bills. Sanborn’s helps you keep your gas furnace running strong while costing you as little as possible each month.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger in gas furnaces transfers the energy from burning natural gas or propane into the air circulating through your furnace blower fan. Without proper maintenance dirt, debris and blockages can form on the heat exchanger. Over time, cracks can develop in your furnace’s heat exchanger. This is a dangerous problem because the cracks can allow carbon monoxide to seep into your home’s air. During gas furnace maintenance, our technicians examine and adjust heat exchangers. We test for leaks, and cracks and visually inspect for any signs of soot or sediment. If you hear any strange sounds, detect unusual smells, or otherwise suspect a fuel leak, you should contact us immediately to have your system inspected if your carbon monoxide detector is giving you warnings. In the case of a carbon monoxide detector alarm, contact authorities immediately.

Pilot Light or Ignition Issues

If your gas furnace is not turning on at all, one common explanation is that you are having issues with your pilot light or electronic ignition. Consult your owner’s manual and follow the troubleshooting steps to test your furnace. A single-stage gas furnace and a two-stage gas furnace feature unique designs. No matter what system you own, our technicians are familiar with all the major brands and models of gas furnaces installed through San Bernardino. Whether you have an older system or a newer furnace design with an electronic ignition system our team is ready to restore operations and help with your energy savings.

Strange Sounds

An old furnace may make more noise than a new furnace but all homeowners know the familiar hum of a well-running gas furnace. Energy-efficient furnaces offer quieter operation so when an unfamiliar sound is heard from within your furnace or ductwork, respond quickly. Gas furnaces have many moving parts running at high speeds. Even a small

General System Malfunctioning

When any single part of your furnace stops working, it can create a domino effect that causes other parts of your system to malfunction as well. You might notice that your furnace is short-cycling, making noises, smelling of exhaust gasses, or not producing less heat than normal. If you encounter issues like these, your best bet is to have your gas furnace professionally inspected by Sanborn’s.

24-Hour Furnace Repair

Having a working gas furnace in your home or business is crucial to surviving the cooler months in the Inland Empire area when temperatures dip below normal. Being able to call upon emergency gas furnace repair services can be a big help. Sanborn’s trained heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians want you to know they’re ready and able to help with your home’s heating problems. HVAC systems can experience a wide range of different issues, you’ll need someone with years of HVAC experience, like our team of experts, to help your family stay warm.

For HVAC services in the Inland Empire area, schedule today with Sanborn’s! Our professionals go the extra mile to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the services we’ve provided.

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Furnace Inspections and Heating Tune Ups

At Sanborn’s, we offer year-round furnace maintenance to ensure that your home and family never have a cold night. Regular maintenance helps extend the life of your HVAC system, so spending a little money every year to have your gas furnace inspected now can keep it running for years to come. However, once your heating system is on its last leg, it’s time to hand it over to the experts. It’s our promise to ensure that your furnace can meet and exceed the expected lifetime use of the unit.

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Furnace Installation and Replacement

The installation of a new energy-efficient furnace might seem like a scary and expensive project, but it’s also one that is rewarding with higher energy efficiency and dependability, helping to offset the cost. Our highly trained heating and air conditioning technicians will set up and test your new system, and make sure you’re satisfied with the results. Our heating and air conditioner specialists provide a high level of customer service and are readily available if any issues arise. If you’re unsure about the idea of shopping for a new furnace, ask a technician during your next service call if they think it makes sense for you.

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