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San Bernardino, CA Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair Service in San Bernardino, CA

Homeowners in San Bernardino often experience electrical issues. Fortunately, the team at Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating includes professional electricians knowledgeable in the unique electrical repairs of our community. Whether you have something minor like a broken light switch or a mysterious buzzing sound coming from your wiring, trusting Sanborn’s for all of your electrical repairs is an easy choice. We have been serving San Bernardino since 1949 and can repair any type of electrical issues within your home. 

There are many popular electrical services offered by Sanborn’s including lighting installation, lighting repair, electrical panel upgrades, receptacle installation, solar repair and spa services. Some electrical issues are not obvious and require troubleshooting. In many of these cases, contacting the team at Sanborn’s saves time, money and stress. Our electricians carefully examine your electrical system and provide clear answers to all of your questions. When you need electrical repairs in San Bernardino, contact Sanborn’s.

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What Electrical Repairs Does Sanborn’s Offer?

Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating provides complete consultation and repair of any electrical issues. Our support staff responds quickly to inquiries and promptly sends an electrician to your home. Once on site, our electricians take time to listen to your concerns. Using state-of-the-art equipment, they provide common-sense solutions to repair electrical problems.

The Basics of Home Electricity

All homeowners should have a basic understanding of electrical systems within their homes. Briefly, all of the electrical components within your home are designed to provide electricity while protecting your home against the risks of exposed electrical currents. An electrical panel, often located in a closet or garage, includes a number of circuits. Each circuit provides electricity to a specific area of your home. Every light, outlet and lightswitch that connects to this circuit controls electricity. Switches control the current to a light or an outlet. Outlets connect appliances to the electrical circuit. Lighting fixtures connect lights to electricity. When any component including switches, outlets, lighting fixtures, wiring or the circuit panel is compromised, the electrical system becomes unsafe. This means at the first sign of electrical issues, contact a qualified electrician at Sanborn’s.

Common Electrical Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know

Our team often responds to calls for electrical repairs and discovers multiple issues. When a minor issue like a loose outlet is ignored further, damage may quickly follow. Understanding some of the most common repairs and indicators of electrical issues is a top priority to keeping your family and property safe. 

Burning Smells

Any strange odor, especially of burning plastic, may indicate issues within fixtures or electrical wiring. If you smell any odors, turning off the circuit and contacting our team may prevent a safety issue. If you see any smoke, electrical arcs or fire, call emergency services immediately. 

Discolored and Melted Outlets

Sudden arcs of electricity may discolor panels on the front of outlets, switches and lighting fixtures. Burn marks should prompt you to turn off the circuit and schedule a professional electrical inspection. Melted outlets and switches that are hot to the touch warn of overheating issues. The best course of action as in most situations is to turn off the circuit from the panel and contact our team.

Blown Fuses

When a circuit is overloaded or a sudden power surge occurs, the power may be lost in one area of your home. Checking the electrical panel for tripped circuits may fix the issue. If you experience consistent issues with blown fuses, you should contact our team. Improper installation, too many appliances connected to a circuit and even issues within the electrical wiring can all cause blown fuses.

Flickering or Buzzing Lights

Sometimes the wrong light bulb can cause buzzing lights. A faulty or failing ballast can cause lights to flicker. Often a prior electrical project was not performed properly. When electricity is not properly controlled, buzzing sounds and flickering lights will warn you to call our team. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating uses experience, training and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the cause and provide a secure repair.  

Unsecure Outlets

When you plug appliances into an outlet, the receptacle grips the prongs. When these prongs break or become loose, cords may fall out of the outlet. This is an obvious safety risk that may cause arcs, electric shock and even fires. 

Cracked outlets

Cracked surfaces on electrical outlets are serious risks to the safety of your family. Just as you would not expose your family to loose wires, cracked and damaged outlets are a serious risk for contact. Dust and debris can collect in loose outlets, cracked plates and other damaged surfaces. This increases fire risk. 

Damaged GFCI Outlet

Outlets mounted in high-risk locations feature additional safety mechanisms, including the ability to reset outlets and test outlets directly from the outlet. If these mechanisms fail, replacement by professional electricians is recommended. 

Contacting Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating for Electrical Repairs

Sanborn’s provides thorough inspections and professional diagnosis of electrical repairs. Even if you have a clearly defined issue, trusting professional electricians will make sure the repair is completed properly. Whatever your electrical problem, Sanborn’s offers comprehensive solutions throughout San Bernardino and the surrounding areas. Contact us today! 

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