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San Bernardino, CA Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation Service

Heat pumps are a great alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems and ideal for San Bernardino’s mild winters. If you need your current heat pump system replaced, or you’re looking to buy a heat pump for the first time, contact the heating and cooling professionals at Sanborn’s for excellent installation service.

How Does a Heat Pump System Work?

As their name implies, heat pumps pump air from one spot to another. They do not heat the air as furnaces do. Instead, a heat pump can absorb the energy of warm air from outside and bring it indoors, even in cold weather.

When cool air is needed, a heat pump absorbs warm air inside a home and pushes it outdoors. It also uses refrigerant to cool air, similar to an AC unit. The ability to absorb warm air works well because the heated air is naturally attracted to cooler air as the environment wants a static and equal air temperature.

Signs Your San Bernardino Home Needs a New Heat Pump

Like everything mechanical in nature, heat pumps sometimes need replacing. Below are a few signs your San Bernardino home may need a new heat pump. 

Poor Performance

If your heat pump struggles and takes longer to heat or cool your home, it could be a sign the system is on its last legs and may need to be replaced.

Frequent Repairs

On older heat pumps, more frequent repairs signify that the unit is approaching the end of its lifecycle. If this is the case, you can wait for the unit to fail or replace it at a more reasonable time of the year. You can save yourself the hassle of living without heating or cooling by choosing the latter. 

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

If your energy costs are rising without any corresponding weather event or change in usage, it is a sign that your heat pump is working longer and harder to do the same job. If your unit is older and your energy bills are rising, it may be time to consider replacement services.

How Long Do Heat Pumps Typically Last?

Generally, a quality heat pump can last 10-15 years. However, you get a longer life cycle out of heat pumps if they are maintained on a recommended schedule. Other factors that can affect the lifespan of your San Bernardino heat pump include:

  • Public safety power shut-offs occur when the power company shuts off power to a geographic location for safety. The sudden drop in power and the re-energizing of the power grid can damage even a new heat pump.
  • A leak in the refrigerant lines can cause damage to the heat pump or cause it to freeze. 
  • Issues with the circuit breaker can damage the heat pump.

How Can I Protect My New Heat Pump?

The best way to protect a new heat pump is to maintain it regularly. Regular maintenance helps:

  • Maintain Energy Efficiency
  • Keep Energy Costs Lower
  • Keep Your Home Comfortable

Call Sanborn’s Today to Install Your New Heat Pump System in San Bernardino, CA

As your San Bernardino, CA heat pump installation professionals, we know that heat pumps are an economical way to heat or cool your home. If you need additional information about installing a new heat pump, give us a call. Our expert heating and cooling technicians are happy to answer your questions or provide you with a quote. We can also schedule an appointment to repair or maintain your existing heat pump.

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