She’s hot, and he’s cold. Or vice versa. When both you and your spouse are uncomfortable, it’s tough to decide who is in control of the thermostat in your home.
Programmable thermostats can help with this dilemma. They provide homeowners with a convenient programming option that accommodates different climate control settings This is great for spouses and family members with varying lifestyles and schedules, who are often in and out of the home at different times. It’s also handy when no one’s home or the house is empty while you and your family are away on vacation.
WiFi thermostats are an increasingly popular programming option. This technology allows the thermostat to be controlled by remote via personal devices with WiFi access, including smartphones and tablets. WiFi programming also allows temperatures to be pre-set based on use, saving energy when not needed. It’s a smart and convenient way to save money and increase your system’s efficiency.
While convenience is important, it’s always good to remember that when you eliminate unnecessary systems it helps to limit costly repairs and extend the life of your system. So, who’s in charge? You will be when you call Sanborn’s to find out more about our programmable and WiFi thermostat options.