This New Year, Make Your HVAC System More Efficient

Hello 2017! The New Year is here and that usually means many resolutions have been made, all with perfectly good intentions. Let’s begin with the old mainstay: I resolve to lose weight. The classical list of New Year’s resolutions moves on from there: exercise more and eat healthy (this will help us lose weight, right?), don’t spend so much money, don’t complain about my job or coworkers, don’t squawk at my husband for watching too much sports on TV (or if you are a he, watch less sports on TV so I can spend more time with my wife).
Of course, those are all praiseworthy goals. Here’s another one for an improved quality of life: how about resolving to make your home more efficient and safer?
Here is a checklist to help you accomplish this:

  • Check smoke detectors. Change batteries if it’s been a while and replace detectors promptly if not working.
  • If your home is not equipped with low-level carbon monoxide alarms, install them immediately or ask your friendly Sanborn’s technician to install them for you. Learn how to detect carbon monoxide poisoning, because the life you save may be your own or that of a family member.
  • And while we’re at it, how is the air quality in your house? Don’t worry if your answer is “I don’t know.” Sanborn’s can help you get answers to that question by testing your indoor air quality. IAQ testing identifies indoor pollutants like mold, dust and dander, and can help conclude if your duct system needs to be cleaned.

Sanborn’s also sells and installs a wide variety of air purification systems or whole house humidifiers, which clean the air you breathe, helping keep you and your family healthier.
Once your IAQ is improved and your home is safer, time to make it more efficient. A top option is with a new Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, which allows you to complete control of your heating and cooling system via the convenience of your mobile device.
If you left home for two weeks during the holidays and turned the heat way down to save money, you are looking at a cold house when you return. Not. On your way home you simply use your smartphone to contact your wifi programmable thermostat and turn up the temperature. Or if you left home in such a hurry that you forgot to turn the heat down, you can manage that problem via remote as well.
You know what else that wifi thermostat will give you that you just can’t put a price tag on? Peace of mind. If you’re not home when that winter storm hits you can increase the temperature to compensate for the brutal freezing temperatures.
Talk with your Sanborn’s technician during your appointment or just call our office to find out which programmable wifi thermostat is suitable for your system. You will realize in no time just how efficient your upgraded system will be and how much money you can save in the long run.
And one final recommendation: if you’re going make either one of those TV sports resolutions, it’s OK to wait until AFTER the Super Bowl.