It’s a question San Bernardino area homeowners have asked for years and will continue to ask for years to come: “Should I repair or replace air conditioner equipment?” The decision would be much easier to make if there was a straightforward answer, but unfortunately your air conditioner can’t weigh in and tell you it’s about to quit for good. It also can’t tell us if making a repair will surely keep it going.

Like your air conditioner, we also can’t tell you with absolute certainty, but there are many factors we’ve come to learn over nearly four decades in the business that help us make informed recommendations. At the end of the day, the choice is yours – we recommend you consider the following points as you determine the right move for your household.

1. Consider Your Current Air Conditioner

When you need to repair or replace air conditioner equipment, evaluate the following first:

  • Consider the current overall working state of your unit. Is it running at all? Does it kick out the cool air it’s supposed to? If your unit doesn’t run constantly and the airflow is adequate and still cold, a repair is probably all you need to fix strange noises, low refrigerant levels or a minor part replaced. However, if your unit no longer runs at all and is several years old, you’ll most likely want to call on a professional to evaluate the situation.
  • How old is your current unit? Professionals recommend that if your unit is more than 10 years old and is acting up, it might be better to opt for a new unit. When units are more than a decade old, they aren’t nearly as efficient as new ones, and the chances of a sudden breakdown at inopportune times increases with age. Call on an expert and talk costs: if the price of a new part is more than 1/3 of the cost of a full replacement, replacement is usually the better option.
  • Does the current unit use R-22 refrigerant? This refrigerant is being phased out to protect the environment. As of January 1, 2020, no new production or import of the refrigerant is allowed in the United States. If you need R-22 for your old air conditioner at any point, the price of that repair is only going to continue to climb due to scarcity. Replacing the system with a new unit that uses Puron refrigerant is going to be a safer financial choice in most situations.
  • Finally, think about how well preventive maintenance schedules have been followed for your unit so far. If it’s been neglected for years, never really seeing an HVAC technician in its life (or if you don’t know), chances are good that you’ll want a replacement. At the same token, if you’ve been diligent with annual tune-ups and check-ups and there haven’t really been any issues in the past with your unit, it would make more sense to opt for repairs.

2. Schedule a Consultation

If your air conditioner needs repairs but you question if the investment is worthwhile, seek the advice of HVAC professionals. They can’t tell you for certain which is the right move for your household, but when it comes to the signs an older air conditioner shows, a skilled air conditioning technician is able to make an informed recommendation whether it’s time to replace your air conditioning equipment.

Schedule us to perform an energy assessment at your home. We are able to make sure any problem you’re having isn’t simply due to ductwork air leaks or another issue that’s not your air conditioner

Once finished with the assessment, let’s talk about the condition of your current system and whether we would recommend to repair or replace air conditioner equipment. Our trusted HVAC system professionals can help you figure the numbers using proper factors, all tailored to ensure your 100% satisfaction. These factors include comparing the cost of a new AC unit to the anticipated cost of repairs and projected utility bill savings.

With a better idea regarding the financial commitment it will take to both repair or replace air conditioner equipment, you can then explore your financial options. Special financing from our business partners at Wells Fargo and significant rebates are available on many manufacturers’ systems. You may also qualify for federal tax credits when you replace your air conditioner with a model that offers more energy efficiency and is environmentally friendly.

Even with financing assistance, rebates and tax credits, the notion of a monthly payment can still be a bit intimidating and it turns many people off when deciding whether it’s time to replace or place repair your air conditioner equipment. An important factor to consider is the savings you will notice on your energy bills. A new cooling system – especially one equipped with a programmable thermostat that allows custom control over your system – has greater system efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption. Studies show that energy costs can be slashed by as much as 50% – noticeable savings that can be applied towards the new system payment. And don’t forget the increase in consistent, total home comfort your family will enjoy with a newer, more efficient system.

Call Sanborn’s to Repair or Replace Air Conditioner Equipment

It doesn’t matter what you ultimately decide – Sanborn’s is here to help you repair or replace air conditioner equipment with skilled technical service and elite air conditioning equipment. Contact us today to learn more about the options available so you are able to arrive at an informed purchase decision. Don’t repair or replace air conditioner equipment until you thoroughly evaluate both options.