Proper Installation Is the Key to Successful HVAC System Replacement

When you replace an older furnace, air conditioner or heat pump, there are many steps involved. HVAC installation is a precise art – no steps can be skipped, or else quality suffers. When the installation of an HVAC unit is botched, it can not only damage your equipment, but increase operating expenses and even cause safety risks. 

It’s important to work with a trusted heating and cooling company whenever you need a new piece of HVAC equipment installed properly in your Redlands home. An inexperienced or unskilled installer can cause you many problems, both immediately and in the future. Learn the issues related to poor installation and find out why a quality contractor is so important.

Issues Due to Poor HVAC Installation

When your new heating or cooling system or equipment is not installed properly, it won’t function properly. When it doesn’t function properly, it uses more energy and increases your energy bills. It costs you more to run and you don’t even get the benefit of reliable comfort control indoors.

A few common issues that result when HVAC installation is not completed correctly include:

  • Improper refrigerant charge. Heat pumps and air conditioners use refrigerant to transfer heat. Each piece of equipment is designed to use a specific refrigerant charge. When refrigerant charge is too high or too low, the new system will not operate efficiently. Long term, improper refrigerant charge may result in damage to the HVAC system, shortening its service life.
  • Poor airflow. Proper airflow is necessary not only to receive appropriate heating and cooling volume inside your home, but to keep the system operating correctly. When airflow is obstructed or restricted due to poor installation, the new HVAC system’s energy efficiency drops. The heating and cooling system and equipment must work harder to move air through, consuming more energy than it should and stressing components which leads to damage. Airflow issues can also cause overheating inside the system, further damaging components.
  • Duct leakage. Duct leaks allow conditioned air to escape into areas of the home where it doesn’t belong – it’s a clear waste of your energy dollars. When the air distribution system isn’t designed or installed correctly, duct leaks occur that drive up utility bills.
  • Improperly sized equipment. HVAC systems are not one size fits all. The proper size system for a building is determined by making precise calculations that account for a number of factors such as square footage, construction, number of windows and doors, exposure, ceiling heights, and more – it’s quite detailed! When a unit is installed that is too big or too small, it uses more energy, short cycles causing component damage, and wears out sooner, not to mention it will be incredibly difficult to keep the house comfortable. Unfortunately, the only solution is a replacement, which is costly, especially so soon after having a new HVAC system installed.
  • Poor drainage. Air conditioners and high-efficiency furnaces produce condensation that must drain away from the unit and house. When drainage systems are not correctly installed, water can back up. This damages the unit as well as floors and walls nearby.
  • Improper flue. If the furnace’s flue system is not designed correctly or if the installation is botched, hazardous flue gases may not be able to escape the system. This can result in the gases mixing with the home’s air supply, exposing occupants to deadly carbon monoxide and other byproducts of combustion.

Why Proper HVAC Installation Is a Must

A lot rides on the quality of installation provided by your heating and cooling contractor. Proper installation of HVAC systems is necessary for correct performance, energy efficiency, and safety. Poor installation harms the new system itself through more wear and tear and excess energy use. Systems that are installed poorly don’t last as long, costing the homeowner more in replacement expenses over time.

Choose Sanborn’s for Quality Installation

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