Few things are as annoying as a light that continues to flicker, no matter how many times you try to fix it. But is this issue just annoying, or is it actually dangerous?

In our latest blog post, we’ll talk about what causes LED lights to flicker, if it’s dangerous and can be repaired, as well as other types of lighting that you can install in your Redlands area home.

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What Causes LED Lights to Flicker?

Flickering LED lights can be attributed to various factors. One common reason is voltage fluctuations. LED lights require stable voltage to function properly, but when there are fluctuations or variations in voltage levels, you may see your lights begin to flicker. This is typically caused by electrical issues or incompatible dimmer switches.

Poor connections or faulty wiring can also lead to flickering. Loose connections between the light fixture and the power source or within the fixture itself can cause intermittent flickering. Additionally, incompatible or low-quality LED drivers or power supplies may contribute to flickering issues.

Working with a professional electrician can help you determine the ultimate cause of your flickering LED lights.

Can Flickering LED Lights be Dangerous?

In most cases, flickering LED lights are not inherently dangerous. However, prolonged exposure to flickering LED lighting can be indicative of underlying electrical problems that might pose risks. We recommend having a professional electrician inspect your flickering lights to determine if the root cause lies with the bulbs themselves, or your electrical wiring.

If the flickering is caused by electrical issues such as loose connections or faulty wiring, it could potentially lead to overheating or even electrical fires if left unattended. Addressing flickering promptly is crucial to prevent any potential hazards.

Prolonged exposure to rapid or frequent flickering can also cause discomfort to some individuals, with symptoms ranging from eye strain to headaches.

Can You Repair Flickering LED Lights?

Repairing or replacing flickering LED lights should be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

When you work with an electrician, they will likely start by checking connections to ensure they are secure. If using a dimmer switch, they should verify that it’s compatible with LED bulbs. Sometimes, replacing the dimmer or using an LED-compatible one resolves the issue.

If the problem persists, it might be due to a faulty LED driver or power supply. Replacing these components, if possible, can fix any lingering flickering problems. 

However, if the issue lies within the fixture itself, it might be more practical to replace the entire fixture. 

Other Types of Lighting to Consider Installing

Homeowners throughout Redlands and beyond can turn to other types of lighting if they encounter persistent issues with LED lights. Halogen or incandescent bulbs, while less energy-efficient than LEDs, can offer consistent lighting without flickering problems in certain scenarios. 

Additionally, exploring smart lighting solutions could provide more control and stability in illumination.

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While flickering LED lights can be very annoying and cause minor comfort issues, it is not usually a danger to your home. However, to be sure that everything is in working condition, reach out to a professional electrician.

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