Everyone should feel safe and secure within their home. Considering indoor air quality is among the top five environmental health risks, there has been increased interest in air cleaners and air purifiers in recent years. There are many options ranging from small desktop cleaners to industrial sized air purifiers for commercial spaces. For our homeowners, Sanborn’s offers UV air purifiers for your HVAC system.

In this post, we define what an ultraviolet air purifier is, discuss the advantages of adding one in your home and ultimately help you decide whether a UV air purifier is right for your household.

UV Air Purifier Defined

UV-C light has been shown to kill microorganisms. Ultraviolet air purifiers are installed into your HVAC system. As air moves into the air purifiers, a UV bulb emits light waves. Powerful UV light waves target bacteria, mold and other potential health risks. Treating all the air circulating within your HVAC system with a UV air purifier reduces airborne contaminants.

Unlike portable systems, whole house air filtration systems treat your entire home. Whole house media air cleaners can remove up to 96 percent of airborne pollutants. HEPA ultraviolet air cleaners, meanwhile, can filter out up to 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns or bigger. The UV light emitted from these devices has been demonstrated to destroy many types of indoor air pollutants that irritate respiratory health.

Advantages of HVAC UV Air Purifiers

Outdoor air provides excellent circulation to mitigate pollutants and harmful airborne debris. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend the vast majority of their time indoors where pollutants are concentrated, often 2 to 5 times higher. Regular cleaning of indoor surfaces and replacing air filters within your HAC system help reduce airborne debris. Portable air cleaners and air purifiers are effective at reducing airborne contaminants but only in small spaces.

There are a number of advantages of UV air purifiers including:

Treat All the Air in Your Home

The primary advantage of installing an air purifier with ultraviolet light into your HVAC system is all indoor air is treated. UV bulbs target bacteria, mold, viruses and other air pollutants destroyed when UV light is emitted.

Health Impacts

For family members with asthma and other respiratory concerns, reducing mold spores and other airborne microorganisms from indoor air is important. Indoor environments often aggravate symptoms. The combination of a UV light purifier and a HEPA filter eliminates and traps these irritants before they circulate through your home.

Energy Efficiency

Clean air improves the performance of your HVAC system. While the simple addition of a UV light seems small, microorganisms within furnaces, air ducts and air conditioners clog systems and compromise performance.

Cleaner Interiors

By treating airborne microorganisms, the UV lamp offers an additional benefit of cleaner equipment. Cleaner components run smoothly and are less prone to wear.

Easy to Maintain

Adding UV light technology is relatively simple. Once installed, the only maintenance is regularly cleaning and occasionally replacing the bulb. This simple chore is the only requirement for steady air purification.

Do I Need an UV Air Purifier?

Especially for homeowners who have experienced the benefits of portable units in a single bedroom or home office, the addition of a whole house system is an obvious choice. If anyone in your household suffers from allergies or respiratory issues, a UV light air purifier is a smart investment.

Generally, you should consider adding air purifiers if you want to improve indoor air quality. The addition of UV lights is a proactive method. While there are many factors that affect the air within your home, UV lamps have clear benefits. Just like replacing the air filter in your system helps effectively capture allergies, pet dander and airborne particles, UV light targets unseen mold spores, bacteria and viruses circulating throughout your home.

How to Install a UV Air Purifier

Among the wide range of services offered by Sanborn’s, UV air purifier installation is rising in popularity. Our team of experts provides thorough consultation on the best application for your home. When you schedule an appointment with us, our technicians carefully answer all of your questions and provide clear explanations of how HEPA air purifiers with UV light function upon installation.