Having your A/C unit serviced each spring by our Redlands air conditioning experts is like keeping your car tuned up; without regular service, your car won’t perform as well, and you’ll run the risk of suffering unexpected problems and even breakdowns. Your air conditioning unit is the same way – without Sanborn’s performing regular preventive maintenance, you increase your chances of inefficiency and breakdowns.
Your air conditioner works hard – its efficient operation relies on many moving parts, and it generates a lot of heat. Lubricants and fluids are required, and your unit endures all forms of weather, collects dirt and dust, and is subjected to great wear and tear. In order to keep your unit working at maximum efficiency, it’s rather easy to see why regular tune-ups and maintenance are essential. Our experts in air conditioning repair in Redlands, CA can take care of it all for you!
Having our service technicians come out to inspect your air conditioner once each spring is the simplest and most effective way you can guarantee that your unit will be able to give you the most benefit for your money. Small problems have much less chance of developing into unexpected, larger problems, and you’ll have the best chance of staying cool and comfortable all summer long with nary an issue in sight.
Spring is the best time of year to have us come out, before the summer heat arrives. When peak demand happens during the summer, you’ll want to avoid longer waits and higher fees for service – and you’ll be able to do so by scheduling preventive maintenance with us in the spring.
So what will we do during the annual spring tune-up for your air conditioning system? Our experts in air conditioning in Highlands will clean filters as needed, monitor the volts/amps on the system fan motor, lubricate and inspect all moving parts, inspect coils, safety devices and the disconnect box, and we’ll tighten all electrical connections. We’ll also inspect the fan blades, clean the condenser coil and remove debris, and clean debris from all around the condenser. We’ll check your compressor for proper amperage and volt draw and wiring connections, too.
Being proactive about maintenance and check-ups for your air conditioning unit is something that is simple – yet many people fail to make their annual spring appointments. The cost of the tune-up is most often reimbursed and then some by way of more efficient operation. Your unit will last longer to keep you and your family comfortable for much longer before having to be replaced, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars.
Contact Sanborn’s today and schedule your annual tune-up for your air conditioning system! Make an appointment for this spring – now is the best time to do so!