The Importance of Clean, Healthy Ductwork

Healthy Ductwork - SanbornsIt’s widely acknowledged that two of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new heating and cooling system are price and efficiency. With that in mind, a recent industry-wide report suggests that some of the biggest impacts on system efficiency are directly connected to the ductwork in your home: duct leakage, low indoor airflow through the ducts and oversized equipment with undersized ductwork.
At Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we know that an accurate load calculation process must be used to determine the design of your system. This includes proper airflow measurement, temperature recordings and duct leakage assessment.
In our area, ductwork is commonly installed in the attic space, where temps can often reach 130 degrees during the heat of summer. If the duct system is not insulated well or if insulation is in poor condition, it’s tough for cold air to be passed from the air conditioner through the hot attic and into your home’s living space. What started out as cold air ends up much warmer by the time it is delivered throughout your home. Newer duct materials are more resistant to decay and generally feature twice the insulation as older materials. An airflow capture hood is also valuable in showing how much air is being delivered as opposed to what should be delivered.
So, a properly designed and installed duct system is vitally important to system efficiency and home comfort. We test all of our duct systems to quickly detect any problems in leakage, airflow or excessive temperature loss. This is just part of Sanborn’s 5-star treatment. Call Sanborn’s today to schedule a ductwork analysis.
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