Cold and Flu - Sanborns
It’s that time of year for increased cases of common colds and the flu. Have you ever sanitized your home from top to bottom and thought to yourself, “no virus could ever survive a cleaning like that”; only to see the sickness return a short time later? This problem can be blamed on the air circulating inside of your home. When someone in your home becomes sick, you can try to quarantine them from others all you want, but that will not eliminate the problem entirely, unless you have some sort of air cleaner installed.
Cold and flu viruses spread through the air in the form of droplets that are released when a contagious person; talks, coughs, and/or sneezes. Inevitably, your entire family will come in contact with this dirty air as it passes throughout your home. If you are located in Redlands and surrounding areas, don’t wait and risk compromising your family’s health. Call to schedule one of our trusted Sanborn’s technicians out to help you combat the in-home spreading of colds and the flu by showing you the many different options and applications that are available. Take proactive action to protect your family’s health.
You may be wondering, how is it possible to clean air? This is possible through advancements in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry. Various types of air cleaners can be installed in your home ductwork that will continuously sanitize and cleanse the air that will be redistributed throughout your house. IAQ products may help save on health-related expenses and reduce unnecessary “sick-days. Some IAQ services and products are considered a covered expense by some health insurance companies. If you live in or around the Redlands area and are interested in having something like this installed, schedule on of our trusted IAQ specialists to come out and share all available options. We will help you narrow down what best suits your needs. We are pleased to provide our customers with the best possible indoor home environment because after all; healthier air means a healthier household. Let Sanborn’s help keep your family healthy.