Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to prepare for better weather. Part of every San Bernardino homeowner’s seasonal preparations must be a spring AC tune up for the home’s cooling system. This maintenance service provides total system care for best performance, energy efficiency and longevity throughout the 2020 summer season and many more to come!

Do you know what’s involved in an air conditioning system tune up? Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating has licensed technicians explain the important work we do when we visit for a tune up. Don’t skip this essential springtime service – call us today to schedule your annual cooling maintenance visit.

Spring is the best time of year to have us come out, before the summer heat arrives and when peak demand happens during the summer. You can avoid longer waits and higher fees for service by scheduling an air conditioning system inspection with us in the spring.

What Does an AC Tune up Include?

During an air conditioning inspection, your cooling system receives a top-to-bottom inspection. The steps of Sanborn’s air conditioner tune up include:

  • Change air filters, if needed
  • Inspect moving parts and add lubrication
  • Inspect coils
  • Measure fan motor amperage and volt draw
  • Test safety controls
  • Inspect disconnect box
  • Tighten wiring and electrical connections
  • Measure compressor amperage and volt draw 
  • Inspect fan blades
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Clear away debris from condenser
  • Check refrigerant charge

Benefits of Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

An air conditioner tune up delivers so many critical benefits to homeowners – this service works to improve your comfort, lower your energy bills, prevent surprise breakdowns and keep your air conditioner running for many more summers to come!

  • Avoid sudden summertime cooling outages. Having our service technicians inspect your air conditioner once each spring is the simplest and most effective way to guarantee that your unit will be able to give you the most benefit for your money. Small problems have much less chance of developing into unexpected, larger problems when a trained technician inspects the unit ahead of the season.
  • Essential care for an efficient summer. Your air conditioner works hard – its efficient operation relies on many moving parts, and the process generates a lot of heat. These factors burden the system, which hinders its performance. Lubricants and fluids are required, and your unit endures all forms of weather, collects dirt and dust and is subjected to great wear and tear. Thankfully, an AC tune up is designed to replenish the needs your unit lacks before the summer cooling season starts. With this service, hindrances are erased from your cooling system, and it’s ready to serve your family with efficient cooling throughout the summer.
  • Excellent return on investment. The cost of air conditioner maintenance is most often reimbursed and then some by way of a more efficient operation. Your unit will last longer, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Helps Prevent Several Issues

Industry experts and manufacturers agree that regular scheduled tune ups are vital for overall performance. Some of the problems it can help prevent are:

  • Condensate leaks – If your unit is in the attic, detecting any leak early could prevent heavy water damage to your home.
  • Limit Air Conditioner emergency repairs – Regular maintenance is cheap compared to paying for an emergency call.
  • Voided warranty – Most manufacturers of HVAC equipment require their systems to be serviced annually by a licensed heating and cooling contractor. If you fail to keep up with maintenance, you may lose valuable warranty coverage, which means repairs will be on you.

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