Are These Smart HVAC Devices Really Worth Buying?

Smart thermostats are just one of the many products available to help homeowners create connected homes. With the ability to learn your habits and preferences, the benefits of a smart thermostat include convenience, improved efficiency and so much more.

Our heating and cooling pros walk you through the advantages of a smart thermostat below. See what they are able to bring to your home and how they improve your heating and cooling experience.

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat goes beyond the capabilities of any other thermostat category on the market. While programmable thermostats facilitate energy savings with scheduling capabilities, smart thermostats are steps ahead. Instead of setting your own schedules, a smart thermostat learns your schedules in order to implement the most efficient and comfortable settings in your home at all times.

The features of smart thermostats vary from model to model. Many offer options that improve user convenience in many areas. Smart thermostats also help homeowners keep tabs on their heating and cooling system needs to protect this important equipment.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats go beyond those of programmable models. Let’s take a look at all the ways a smart thermostat improves your experience:

Efficient settings, all the time

With their ability to learn your schedules and comfort preferences, a smart thermostat keeps your home at the ideal temperature for maximum energy savings throughout the day. The thermostat is connected to sensors to help it detect when your home is occupied and when it isn’t for automatic temperature adjustments. Smart thermostat manufacturers claim homeowners save between 10 and 23 percent on annual energy costs when they upgrade to one.

Stay connected no matter where you are

Once you have Redlands smart thermostat installation service completed, you pretty much never need to touch the thermostat again! Anytime you want to change the temperature, you are able to do so straight from your smartphone or other connected device. Some smart thermostats integrate with your smart home hub to offer enhanced convenience features such as voice control. You literally never lift a finger again to adjust the temperature!

Always arrive to comfort

Learning capabilities and geofencing technologies allow the thermostat to adjust temperatures according to when you’re expected home, so you always return to a comfortable house after longer periods of energy efficient temperature setbacks. By connecting with the thermostat’s mobile app, the smart thermostat is alerted when you approach home.

Protection for your HVAC system

Smart thermostats don’t just include comfort control. This technology helps you take better care of your heating and cooling equipment, too! The system sends alerts when maintenance is needed, such as regular filter changes, so you stay on top of HVAC maintenance needs. Through energy consumption monitoring, the thermostat is able to detect when your system uses excess energy – a sign of HVAC system troubles. It sends an alert to your smartphone, so you know to call for service.

Smart energy monitoring

One of the great advantages of a smart thermostat is the energy usage data it collects. Through the thermostat’s app or online portal, you are able to see your home’s HVAC energy consumption over time, which will save you money on energy bills. This information is valuable in helping families make choices that further reduce energy use at home.

Smart Thermostat Installation from Sanborn’s

Now that you’re up to speed on smart thermostats, upgrade to replace your old thermostat today and start to save on energy bills! Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating offers installation for new smart thermostats, removing the hassle and confusion of setup. Our HVAC technicians install your new smart thermostat so you are able to begin connecting with your home’s comfort systems right away!

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