Sanborn’s Features Real People and Real Customer Service

“Thank you for calling Joe’s Widget Company. If you are calling about an order press 1, if you want to return a widget press 2, if you want to yell at us because your widget is no good please press 3. I’m sorry, all of our agents are busy helping others at this time. Your current wait time is approximately 2 days.”
Welcome to customer service in the 21st century. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it won’t be that way when you call Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating. A real person will answer the phone the first time, every time (during normal business hours). The cheerful greeting will be the same every time we pick up the phone, “It’s a great day at Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating.”
The greeting is just the beginning of our pledge to deliver 5-Star Service and a 100% 5-Star Satisfaction Guarantee. Owners Geoff & Missy Sanborn were both born and raised in the area where the Sanborn family has been since before the turn of the century. They will never do business any other way.
So, when you make the call from your Redlands home for heating and air conditioning needs, you will receive timely and efficient service. When we give you a time that we will arrive at your home to handle an A/C repair in San Bernardino, that’s when we will arrive. You will not waste hours of your valuable time waiting for our technician.
Additionally, that person will be highly trained and experienced to handle whatever the repair need is. He or she will arrive in a well-stocked company truck. For you, it means more repairs can be handled on site with no need for the technician to leave to pick up parts.
Every repair or maintenance visit will include a thorough diagnostic assessment of your HVAC systems. What it means for you is after we do the air conditioning repair at your Redlands home, we will be checking to make sure there are no other problems that could cause a future breakdown.
It doesn’t matter if that first call to our office results in a routine repair or an entire system replacement, there will be no surprises. You will receive upfront pricing with a written estimate. There will be no hidden costs, and your 5-Star Service comes with satisfaction guaranteed.
We understand how it can be traumatic when you pick up the phone to call us. Chances are you are NOT having a good day because your home is uncomfortable and you’re worried about how much it’s going to cost to fix the problem. Answering the phone with, “It’s a great day at Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating,” is our way of saying Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help you and we will work to make your day better.