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Riverside, CA Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair Service

Heat pumps are an excellent investment as they are a perfect fit for the mild winters in Riverside, CA. Whether you need heat pump repair, maintenance, or installation services, trust the professional heating and cooling experts at Sanborn’s.

How to Tell If You Should Repair or Replace Your Heat Pump

How do you know if you should invest in repairing or replacing a faulty heat pump? Most specialists agree that repairing a heat pump may be a better option if:

  • You hold a warranty on the system. Repairs are likely a better option because it extends the unit’s life and helps put off the higher cost of replacing it. 
  • The heat pump is under 10 years of age. It probably has years of service left. In general, heat pumps can last up to 15 years. 
  • The heat pump has not required repairs before. Usually, at the end of a heat pump’s lifecycle, they require repair more frequently, they begin to use more energy, and they struggle to keep your home at a comfortable ambient temperature. If this is the first repair, the heat pump will likely serve you for years to come. 
  • The repair is minor and reasonable. Any repair that adds years more life to a heat pump is worthwhile. Minor repairs are sometimes a hassle, but they will save you money and keep your heat pump running efficiently. 

Signs Your Riverside, CA Heat Pump Needs to Be Repaired

As experts at heat pump repairs in Riverside, CA, the technicians at Sanborn’s know the symptoms and warning signs that a heat pump may need to be repaired. Some of them include:

Excessive Noise

The noise a heat pump system makes should be consistent and quiet. However, as heat pumps age, they may begin to make more noise. If you notice that the unit is louder or making odd noises, call and schedule a service call. Catching problems early is an excellent way to prevent significant issues from occurring down the line. 

Higher Electric Bills

Higher electric bills mean the heat pump is struggling to produce an ideal ambient temperature in your home or business. If this is the case, contact an HVAC company to find out if it is better to repair or replace the system.

Ice Forming

Ice is not uncommon in heat pumps. As the unit prepares to warm air, it condenses the coolant, which causes the refrigerant to heat. That process can cause ice to form on the coils. That process is normal, and most heat pumps cycle through a defrosting mode that keeps the coils free of ice. If ice does not melt and dissipate, a service call is required to diagnose and fix the problem. 

Short Cycling

Short cycling is a sign that the heat pump is struggling to maintain the temperature set by the thermostat. The problem could be with the thermostat, or there could be a leak in the coolant lines, which causes the system to be low on coolant and unable to heat or cool air efficiently. 

Poor Temperature Control

Poor temperature control can be related to thermostat issues or coolant levels. Other possible causes of poor temperature control can be clogged filters or debris in the unit. 

Strange Odors

Musty odors may mean mold or mildew has formed in the unit or ducts. Condensation is usually the issue, and the condensate drain line may be clogged or damaged.

How Can I Protect My Heat Pump?

Regular maintenance is the best way to protect your heat pump and extend its life. Even on older units, regular maintenance helps systems function correctly for the longest time possible.

Sanborn’s offers quality maintenance programs with different levels of service. Regularly maintaining your Riverside, CA heat pump means your unit will run at peak efficiency, saving you from higher utility bills. Regular maintenance also reduces the need for repairs or replacement services.

Call Sanborn’s Today for Heat Pump Repairs in Riverside, CA

If your heat pump is not functioning properly or losing efficiency, give us a call. Our professional heat pump technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and repair the system. If replacement is necessary, expect the process to be quick and professional.

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