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Riverside, CA Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation Service

If you are considering changing how you heat and cool your home, check out the benefits of a heat pump. You can expect a heat pump to produce more heating or cooling by volume than other heating and cooling appliances using the same amount of energy. In short, they are efficient.

Another plus is that they are low maintenance, and often, the technician will service both the heating and cooling parts of a heat pump simultaneously.

How Does a Heat Pump System Work?

Heat pump systems work just like a central air conditioner in the summer. They use refrigerant to absorb heat inside your home and transfer it to the outside. Heat pumps run in reverse during the winter by extracting heat from the outside air and transferring it inside your home.

Signs Your Riverside Home Needs a New Heat Pump

Generally, heat pump systems have a lifespan of 10-15 years. However, some situations cause the systems to require repair or replacement sooner. Keep reading as we go over common conditions that can cause the permanent failure of your heat pump system.

Frequent Repairs

When your system requires an increased number of service calls, it may be failing, and replacement is needed. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars on frequent repairs, put the money toward buying a new system.

Poor Performance

If your Riverside, CA heat pump is performing poorly and maintenance does not help, it’s time to consider a new heat pump. Poor performance costs more in energy usage and decreases home comfort.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

If you begin to see unexplained spikes in the monthly energy bills for your home, it could be a sign that your heat pump is using more energy to do the same job.

How Long Do Heat Pumps Typically Last?

You can expect a heat pump to last 10-15 years with regular maintenance. Maintenance for heat pumps should be performed twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. If maintenance is not performed, it can lead to the premature failure of the heating system. A few issues that can cause a heat pump system to fail early include:

  • Low coolant levels can be an issue that causes premature failure of the system. Generally, low coolant levels are due to a leak in the coolant lines. 
  • Power surges and brownouts from public safety power shutdowns can cause heat pump systems to fail.

Overall, heat pumps are very reliable. However, they require regular maintenance and filter cleaning to run at peak efficiency.

How Can I Protect My New Heat Pump?

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your new heat pump running efficiently. Sanborn’s offers experienced service technicians to perform work at affordable rates. We care for your heat pump system like it was our own. As your Riverside, CA heat pump installation experts, we have a quality maintenance program available to keep your home comfortable and your heat pump system running efficiently. 

Call Sanborn’s Today to Install Your New Heat Pump System in Riverside, CA

Heat Pumps are a perfect way to heat or cool your home in the beautiful climate here in Riverside, CA. For more information about heat pump repairs, maintenance, or installation services, contact Sanborn’s today.

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