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Riverside, CA Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair in Riverside, CA

Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating provides electrical repair in Riverside, California and the surrounding areas. Whether you need repairs within your home or business, our certified electricians provide courteous repairs for a broad range of issues. As part of our comprehensive inspection process, we diagnose the issue and provide a clear explanation of the necessary repairs. Whether you have broken switches, dimming lights or any other electrical issues, our experienced technicians provide solutions. 

Walking past the faulty hallway switch that no longer works or accepting the lights dim when you plug in a vacuum cleaner may seem like minor inconveniences. Small electrical issues like these often hide safety issues within your system. Improper electrical systems can be dangerous and even pose a fire risk. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating provides thorough repairs to restore safety to your home.


8 Common Electrical Repairs

The team of electricians at Sanborn’s sees a variety of electrical repairs. Knowing the warning signs and when to call for professional service helps many homeowners in Riverside. 

Blown Fuses

A lone blown fuse should not alarm you. The breaker box in your home protects your property and the electrical system from damage. Sudden power surges may cause a single incident but short circuits, overloaded circuits and other electrical issues may result in frequent blown fuses. 

Flickering Lights

When lights dim suddenly and consistently there is a range of possible issues. Checking that the correctly rated light bulbs are installed in your fixtures and lamps is an easy first step. Lights that continue to flicker may need repair to the lighting, switches or wiring. Many DIY projects result in faulty connections and improper installation. Sanborn’s certified electricians carefully trace the issue and perform proper and long-lasting repairs. 

Plugs Fall Out of Outlets

When you plug two prong or three prong cords into an outlet, contacts in the receptacle grip the prongs. If the prongs no longer secure prongs, then arcing may occur. This is a safety risk because the electrical current is not secure. Fire and electrical shocks are likely if the outlets are not replaced.  

Electrical Shocks

A loose screw or wire within an outlet or light switch may first be revealed as a shock when you contact the switch or plug in appliances. Electrical current is connected throughout your home. Each outlet and switch is a safety mechanism within this system. This means faulty and damaged electric switches and outlets are dangerous. If you feel a shock, call for professional services. Minor repairs by Sanborn’s prevent major repairs.  

Electrical Outlets Are Warm to Touch 

Outlets and switches that feel warm to the touch are warning of issues beneath the surface. Overloaded circuits, faulty connections and other electrical issues may manifest first as overheated surfaces. When neglected, these issues risk fire, but Sanborn’s often discovers a very affordable problem that is easily fixed to restore safety.

Cracked outlets

Cracked surfaces on electrical outlets are serious risks to the safety of your family. Just as you would not expose your family to loose wires, cracked and damaged outlets are a serious risk for contact. Dust and debris can collect in loose outlets, cracked plates and other damaged surfaces. This increases fire risk. 

Broken GFCI

One of the most common safety devices you encounter regularly are GFCIs. These outlets are mounted in high-risk locations to protect your home. These mechanisms can fail, and when neglected, may result in issues within the electrical system. If you cannot reset power to a GFCI or if a GFCI is constantly triggered, our team can quickly diagnose, repair or replace the problem.

Buzzing and Incessant Noises in Your Home

Sounds emitting from your electrical system are an important warning to call professional electricians. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our electricians provide clear and concise solutions. Noises within the electrical system should always prompt a swift call to our team.

When Do You Need Professional Electricians?

Only licensed electricians with the proper certifications, experience and equipment should handle electricity. Electricity is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal. Any electrical issues within your home are a potential fire risk and certainly a threat to your family. If you experience a sudden change in your electrical system, contact a professional electrician as soon as possible. Fixing minor issues restores safety and prevents more costly issues within your electrical system. 

Trusting Sanborn’s for Electrical Repairs

Sanborn’s has been serving Riverside and the surrounding communities since 1949. We understand the importance of prompt response, thorough diagnosis and proper electrical repairs. From minor issues to complete replacements, our team includes a customer-focused support staff and dedicated electricians to keep you safe and comfortable within your home. Contact us today!

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