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Riverside, CA Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Service

On a hot day in Riverside, CA, being indoors without air conditioning can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. When your AC unit is broken or not working, call Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating, the expert air conditioning repair services company in Riverside, California. Our expertise enables us to quickly locate the problem and give you options for repairing the unit. If your AC unit is not reliable, give us a call to repair or replace the unit before it gets hot this summer.

Signs Your Riverside, CA AC System Needs to Be Repaired

All AC systems have issues from time to time. These are the common issues that an AC system may experience.

System won’t turn on

The cause of this issue can range from a simple dead battery in the thermostat to a frozen compressor in the AC unit. A diagnostic service call can isolate the issue.

Strange noises

There are a lot of issues that can cause strange noises from an AC unit. A repair service can find the issue and return your Riverside, CA AC unit back to normal.

Unusual smells

Strange odors from an AC unit can mean trouble. It could mean mold growing in the unit or ductwork. Other odors can indicate an electrical problem. Either way, a service call is needed.

Uneven air flow

A few issues within the air conditioning system can cause uneven air flow. A common issue is a leak in the air ducts. Without a sealed duct, the air can bleed into unused walls or subflooring. Another problem can be with the blower motor, which may be failing.

Short cycling

Short cycling is an extreme and demanding issue that can cause an AC unit to break. When an air conditioner short cycles, it turns on and off too frequently, which means the motor and other parts start and stop continually. The problem can range from simple to complicated.

Not enough cool air

When the air conditioning system is not producing enough cold air to comfortably cool your Riverside, CA home or business, a diagnostic service call can isolate the problem. Sometimes it is a faulty blower motor which is not producing enough force to move the cold air out of the chamber. Air conditioners need a sealed system to function properly.

Common AC Repair Services Sanborn’s Offers

Compressor issues

Leaks are an issue with compressors, and sometimes they freeze. Without the compressor, the unit cannot make cold air.

Electrical components

The thermostat or other electrical components are often in a position to tell the unit to turn on or off. Sometimes the vibrations of the unit can cause connections to come loose or fail. Contact us for any electrical-related issues.

Refrigerant leak and recharge

A leak in the refrigerant line means there is less refrigerant for the compressor to compress. The high pressure can cause fittings or lines to leak. A recharge of the unit’s coolant levels will return the unit to good working order. Our service technicians offer professional care for all models of air conditioning units.

Fan blade

Debris can cause fan blades to break or weaken. With a broken fan, the unit has a harder time moving air into the cooling chamber and out through the duct works. Air conditioning systems cool air and then move the cold air throughout the building via the ducting.

Fan belt replacement

The fan belt is part of the many moving parts of an air conditioner. When it wears out, the unit loses efficiency and cannot cool your home as easily. Our air conditioning services check all of these little issues during maintenance.

Blower motor replacement

The blower motor is responsible for moving cold air through the ducts and into each room of your home. When there is not enough pressure from the motor, the unit cannot adequately cool your home. Our AC services are a good way to keep your air conditioning system reliable.

Enroll in a Maintenance Plan from Sanborn’s

The benefits of joining Sanborn’s Five Star Comfort Club include:

  • Increased Reliability: Professional preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your air conditioner reliable through the hottest times of the year.
  • Increase Efficiency: Preventative maintenance returns your air conditioning unit to a higher level of efficiency.
  • Better Indoor Comfort: Maintenance helps your air conditioning system easily obtain the best ambient air quality for your home.
  • Fewer Breakdowns: Seasonal maintenance helps spot small issues with your air conditioning unit before they turn into expensive repairs. .
  • Longer Service Life: The best investment in extending the life of your heating and air conditioning appliances is regular maintenance, which also drops the frequency for AC repairs.
  • Protect Warranty Coverage: Regular maintenance is a factor in whether the air conditioning warranty is still valid.

Contact Sanborn’s for AC Repair Service in Riverside, CA

We are your local heating and cooling experts. Our service area includes Moreno Valley and the surrounding area. Our technicians are certified and work in the best interests of each of our customers. Riverside has a warm climate, and a reliable air conditioning system is essential. When your cooling system is not working, call on our experts. We’ve been serving the greater Riverside area since 1945.

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