Use Your HVAC to Fight Allergies in Redlands, CA

Got allergies? Use your HVAC to fight allergies and live comfortably. In Redlands, CA, Sanborn’s helps you use your HVAC system efficiently to keep your allergies in check. You and your family don’t need to live with dirty air anymore—allergies and asthma, look out!

Know How to Use Your HVAC to Fight Allergies

Your allergies don’t need to impede on your life. Use your HVAC to fight allergies with these simple tips.

Identify your allergen

Every home has specific needs. Make sure you know what allergens are most common for you and your family. Pet dander is a big issue for some homes and minor in others; know your allergens!

Prevention keeps allergens at a distance before they become an issue. After you identify allergens, focus your energy on the elimination of the source.

Invest in your air quality

The best way to clean your air requires a multifaceted approach. Sanborn’s offers a range of products to clean your air using your HVAC system. Use your HVAC to fight allergies and keep your air clean with Sanborn’s air scrubbers and air filters.

High-quality filters

Poor air quality improves massively with good filters. Allergies are no match for filters that pack a punch – choose a filter with a MERV rating of 8 to 13 for best allergen control indoors. They trap microscopic particles to keep your air clean and allergen-free. Replace them regularly to ensure the best quality.

Clean regularly

Dust your vents to keep contaminants out of your heating and cooling systems. Excess dust on vents circulates through your home. Keep this problem at bay and clean vents as often as possible. Your home stays cleaner, as well as the chambers and components of your HVAC system.

Check for mold

Mold pops up when you least expect it. Frequent checks keep mold away so you can use your HVAC to fight allergies. Clean mildew and mold with hot, soapy water; dry off your system completely to ensure the mold doesn’t grow back.

Save yourself from the formation of mold and keep indoor humidity low with ventilation fans in moist areas. Ultraviolet lights are installed in your HVAC to fight allergies, where they neutralize mold spores and prevent regrowth.

Schedule maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures your system works properly. A poorly performing HVAC system doesn’t clean your air like it should. Avoid allergens with a finely-tuned system. Schedule annual preventative HVAC maintenance with Sanborn’s today.

In addition to better air quality, maintenance helps your system run more efficiently and prevents the risk of system breakdowns throughout the season.

We Know How to Use HVAC to Fight Allergies; Call Sanborn’s for an Attack Plan

Your HVAC system keeps allergens out of your home with the right equipment and services. Use your HVAC to reduce allergy triggers rather than allow your allergies to take over your life.

A clean home is a happy home, and Sanborn’s wants you to live comfortably. We spend the majority of our time in our homes; make that time enjoyable instead of uncomfortable. Contact us today for more information about HVAC systems and allergies. You don’t have to live with dirty air—use your HVAC to fight allergies now!