Get Ready for Summer in Redlands with Air Conditioning Service

Before the weather gets unbearable, take advantage of Sanborn’s air conditioning service. You don’t need to suffer through California’s dry heat this summer. Instead, prioritize the quality of your air conditioner with regular service checks. Keep your air conditioner in top shape with these helpful tips.

Know When to Get Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioners need maintenance to work properly. Sanborn’s wants you to know when to call us so we can get your air conditioner back on track.


Air conditioning service is a once per year task. Even if your air conditioner runs smoothly, a check-up ensures its performance keeps your air cool. Schedule a visit for the spring, if possible, so your air conditioner is ready for the summer cooling season.

Sanborn’s air conditioning service replaces your filter, cleans the system, and performs maintenance that counteracts damage caused by normal wear and tear. If you use a heat pump, we encourage two tune-ups per year.

Book one in the spring to prepare the heat pump for cooling and one in the fall to prepare for heating.

Sign up for our 5 Star Comfort Plan and stay on top of your AC service needs. You automatically receive your annual air conditioner maintenance tune-ups, as well as other valuable benefits.

Unusual Performance

Notice any problems with your air conditioner? A quick self-inspection tells you if you’re in need of AC service. If you see any problems — a leak, a damaged component, etc. —schedule service for your air conditioner right away. Regular maintenance and repair service keep your air conditioner in top condition all year long.

Air conditioners need an update every now and again. An old air conditioner needs more service than a new model, especially in the last few years of its useful life.

Consider a new air conditioner to cut down on your air conditioning service calls. New air conditioners offer warranty coverage that protects you from expensive air conditioning service bills.

5-Star Satisfaction is Our Cool Rule

Sanborn’s ability to service your air conditioner is guaranteed. We understand the weather in California reaches unbearable temperatures. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner with Sanborn’s keeps your air cool when you need it most.

Your satisfaction makes the top of our list; we want your business for life, so we guarantee these five benefits.

  • Comfort. We keep your space comfortable in any temperature.
  • Costs. Sanborn’s keeps air conditioning service competitively priced with no hidden fees.
  • Quality. Your air conditioner is safe in our hands. We do this every single day.
  • Completion. We get the job done right the first time.
  • Carefree. After we leave, the burden on your shoulders disappears.

Our AC service is the best in California because of our 5-Star Satisfaction Guarantee. Regular maintenance with Sanborn’s supports an air conditioner that works all year round.

Our team is committed to your family’s comfort – we do what it takes to earn and keep your trust. We build relationships for life, and aim to keep your family comfortable each and every season.

Ready for Relief? Call Sanborn’s for Professional Air Conditioning Experience

Keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer with seasonal air conditioning service. Preventative steps help keep your air conditioner up to scratch, but when you’re in need Sanborn’s is here to help. Contact us today for quality air conditioning service; we answer any questions you have and help you achieve total comfort in your home.