Protect Your Home Against Damaging Electrical Surges

It’s time for the heat to return. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating knows everyone loves their life in sunny Southern California. But our hot climate taxes not only the air conditioning in your house, but the entire California electrical grid.
The result is sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere, your air conditioning stops cooling or stops running altogether. What our HVAC repair technicians are finding out is it’s often because of the electrical surge coming into your home.
The extreme power demands can cause brownouts, rolling blackouts, and voltage surges. Your air conditioning and heating systems are not only some of the most valuable appliances you have, but they are also among the most delicate when it comes to surges. The surges can cause damage requiring an air conditioner or furnace repair.
Your home could be hit by as many as 300 surges every year, and the electrical grid is one of the top three causes. The others are lightning and what happens inside your home as appliances cycle on and off.
Don’t despair. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating can help with surge protection devices on the circuits supplying electricity to your HVAC systems. They can save you from having to repair your air conditioner.  
As a homeowner, you try to do things right. You have regular maintenance and HVAC tune-ups, but without surge protection you could be throwing good money after bad. In fact, our technicians can install the protectors as part of those regular air conditioning service calls or add them to any new system they install. Call Sanborn’s and let our trained professionals explain the best way to protect your investment from this unforeseen danger, whether it comes from Mother Nature or the utility provider.
Just in case you’re still not convinced, let this number sink in for a few minutes: $79 billion. What does it mean? According to the American Society of Civil Engineers it’s the cost of damage from power disturbances every year – EVERY YEAR!
So, don’t wait until the thermometer reaches triple digits in San Bernardino, Highland and Riverside counties and your air conditioning suddenly stops working. Let Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating protect your systems right now as part of the trustworthy service, repair and maintenance provided by this family-owned company for more than six decades.