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Trane® XC80 Furnace

Sanborn's Product - Trane® XC80 FurnaceSanborn's Product - Trane® XC80 Furnace

Best Furnace - Trane® XC80 Furnace

Discover the benefits of a Trane® XC80 Furnace. This unit is a two-stage, forced-air furnace that operates quietly, with an 80 percent energy efficiency. The variable-speed fan motor automatically adjusts to provide a quiet, consistent flow of warm air, making your home comfortable and with less disruptions. The Trane XC80 has longer run cycles and can be enhanced with accessories to control humidity and air filtration/ventilation improving your home’s air quality.

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  • Up to 80 percent AFUE
  • Comfort-R™ increased dehumidification
  • ComfortLink™II communicating capability with communicating user interface
  • Variable-speed blower motor
  • Silicon nitride hot surface ignitor
  • Multi-port, inshot burners
  • One-piece, weld-free heat exchanger
  • Self-diagnostic microelectronic controller
  • 24-volt fuse


  • 10-year limited/lifetime limited heat exchanger registered warranty
  • Two-stage gas heating
  • Upflow/downflow horizontal or left to right configurations available
  • Insulated cabinet
  • Two-tone powder painted heavy gauge cabinet
  • Hinged blower doors with easy-open latches on upflow models
  • Efficient air circulation with continuous fan mode
  • Cleanable filter
  • ERV, humidifier, and air cleaner compatible

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