How to Prevent Future Heating and AC Repairs

Heating and air conditioning systems sometimes malfunction in homes across the Inland Empire. However, most of these issues can be avoided when you take good care of your home’s comfort systems. In our most recent blog, Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating explains how to prevent heating and AC repairs through proper HVAC system preventative maintenance.

Prevent Heating and AC Repairs with Maintenance

Just like your vehicle, heating and air conditioning units are mechanical systems that require some upkeep. With proper maintenance, your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump maintains performance, and components are kept in good condition. Both maintaining proper performance levels and keeping parts in good shape are essential to prevent heating and cooling system repairs throughout the years. Proper maintenance reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and fixes minor issues before they develop into expensive repair calls.

Preventative Maintenance Tune Ups

HVAC equipment requires regular preventive maintenance tune ups performed by a skilled professional. A tune up carefully examines all of a unit’s components and tests their performance. Certain components are impacted by wear and tear that results even from regular use, and the tune up delivers the service these parts need to preserve their condition and avoid deterioration that eventually leads to a breakdown and repair. Both furnaces and air conditioners should receive one tune up per year, while heat pumps need two per year because they operate as both the heating and cooling system for the home.

Filter Replacement

Forced air heating and cooling systems use air filters to protect sensitive components from dust, dirt, and other airborne debris. Contaminants are removed from the air passing through the filter, so cleaner air progresses into the system for heating or cooling. These filters eventually become full and need to be replaced (or washed if a reusable filter is used) to continue to protect the HVAC unit. Check the filter monthly to determine if early replacement is needed, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for filter change frequency, as it varies widely based on filter factors such as thickness and MERV rating.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Air conditioners and heat pumps both sit outside, where they are exposed to the environment. The metal fins along the exterior of the condenser can collect debris such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and mulch, which block air from flowing into and out of the unit. Whenever necessary, clean away any debris that is stuck to the exterior of the air conditioner or heat pump. Also, remove any vegetation or shrubbery growing up against the air conditioner’s condenser unit – you want to keep at least two feet of clear space surrounding the unit at all times.

Monitor Operation

In addition to maintenance tasks, you can prevent heating and AC repairs by being mindful of how these systems operate in your home. Changes in heating or cooling performance, such as shorter cycles or difficulty maintaining temperatures, are signs of a problem somewhere within the system and usually cause your energy bills to rise. You should contact your HVAC technician to inspect the system whenever you notice such a change. 

In most cases, repair issues start small and grow into larger problems that are more expensive to fix the longer you continue to use the system in such a state. Prevent HVAC system repairs that can cause a major dent to your finances by taking care of them while they are still minor.

Expert Care to Prevent Heating and AC Repairs

Call Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating for the professional services needed to care for your Inland Empire home’s heating, cooling and indoor air quality equipment. Our technicians perform preventive maintenance tune ups and repairs for all types of furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners to help you prevent HVAC system repairs that cause serious damage and expenses. We also offer 24-hour emergency service in the case you need a repair or installation performed immediately. Schedule HVAC service today!