Now is the Time to Take Advantage of Tax Savings

Do you realize we are moving into the home stretch of 2018? Because of that, Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating has a special reminder for business owners and other commercial clients. Now is the best time to take advantage of changes in Section 179 of the business tax code. It was drastically changed as part of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act passed by congress. The changes are REALLY good for businesses, and can mean huge tax deduction for upgrading HVAC systems.
In the past, HVAC purchases were treated as a capital expense and had to be depreciated over 39 years. Now the costs of HVAC upgrades can be written off immediately. The good news doesn’t stop there. The section 179 deduction limit was also raised to $1,000,000 up from $500,000.
We will let you crunch the numbers with the people you depend on to handle those things for you, but these changes mean this is the best possible time to make HVAC improvements in your building(s). But as the year winds down, it’s always good to remember congress can giveth and taketh away. There’s no guarantee this benefit will remain unchanged. We urge you to make those upgrades now to your HVAC systems in Redlands or San Bernardino to make sure you receive the maximum tax deduction.
Upgrading or replacing your HVAC systems can have a huge impact on your bottom line. First, the Section 179 changes mean HVAC equipment is now qualifying property for section 179, decreasing the effective cost of HVAC upgrades. Secondly, you’ll also be getting newer, more efficient systems meaning you will almost certainly save money every month on your cooling and heating costs. Number three, the upgrade will add to the value of your real estate holdings, whether it’s an office building or manufacturing plant. Don’t wait! Call Sanborn’s now to find out more about this win-win situation.
If you are a business owner we urge you to call Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating now to make those heating and cooling upgrades, wherever you are in San Bernardino County. Be sure to like and follow us on our Facebook page to get even more important information like this.