Celebrate 2016 by having a programmable thermostat installed. There are a variety of options available and having one installed could save you hundreds of dollars each year. Many programmable thermostats have a digital screen, some are WiFi enabled—allowing changes to be made remotely—and they all allow for manual overrides.
Programmable thermostats are eco­-friendly and designed to store multiple daily or weekly settings to make sure your home is comfortable and energy efficient while you’re there or away. In any season your thermostat can be programmed for optimal savings. Depending on the weather, increasing or decreasing the temperature in your home for an increased amount of time (at least 8 hours), could drop your heating and/or cooling costs substantially.
There can be year­round savings with just a one­time programming. Annually, you can expect somewhere between 10­20% in savings. That translates into hundreds of dollars! The savings accumulated from a decreasing energy bill can be used for better things, like a refreshing weekend getaway. If you are located in the Redlands area, call Sanborn’s today to have one of our professional technicians come ou