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Moreno Valley, CA Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Service

When your air conditioner stops working in the middle of the summer, it creates major discomfort in every room of your house. When you need a reliable air conditioner repair company, turn to the Moreno Valley, CA air conditioning experts at Sanborn’s. We provide fast and reliable repair service by professional technicians. Join our family of customers, and experience the exceptional level of customer service by our service professionals.

Common Issues with Air Conditioning Systems

The following issues are common with all types and brands of air conditioning systems. A service call to Sanborn’s is just what is needed to get your air conditioning unit back up and running.

Uneven air flow

Is your AC unit not evenly cooling each room in the house? If so, you may notice that the temperature from room to room is much different. You can fix this issue with a call to Sanborn’s for AC repair services.


If the duct system that shuttles cold air from the AC system to each room in your home has leaks, you can lose more than 20% of your conditioned air. You are paying to cool parts of your home that nobody will notice, while the living areas are hot and uncomfortable.

System won’t turn on

When the air conditioning system won’t turn on, several issues can be the problem. Sometimes it’s a broken thermostat that prevents the cooling system from activating. Air conditioners have internal parts that can also cause the unit not to activate. AC maintenance for central air conditioning units will repair the problem.

No cold air

Condenser problems will cause the unit to run but not produce cold air. Our air conditioning equipment experts can determine if the condenser needs repair or replacement and also check the coolant levels. The process can take about an hour, and we are available 24/7 for repairs and maintenance on all HVAC systems.

Strange noises

Strange noises coming from your AC unit are warning signs that something is breaking or has broken. Our cooling experts can repair the broken parts or replace them and give the unit quality maintenance.

Unusual smells

Odd odors and smells are an indication that something needs repair or maintenance. Sometimes the problem is insignificant such as plugged drain holes or a clogged drain hose. Sometimes the issue is more severe such as an electrical issue or a belt that is breaking. Our customers know that they can trust us for all HVAC Services in Moreno Valley.

Short cycling

Short cycling that goes untreated will lead to a costly repair or even replacement of the entire system. Even with our good prices and high-quality services, an air conditioning installation is costly. Short cycling damages the system quickly.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioning System?

Moreno Valley, CA homeowners should repair or replace their air conditioning system when any of the following occur.

You should repair your Moreno Valley unit if:

  • It has experienced few, if any, repairs. At the end of their lifecycle, AC units experience a high frequency of repair needs.
  • It’s less than 10 years old. AC units last 10 to 15 years. A unit that is under 10 years old probably has a warranty.
  • It’s a simple repair. Small repairs give the unit more life. The exception to this is when the unit is no longer reliable and summer is looming.

You should replace the unit if:

  • It makes more sense to put the repair money into buying a new system. Don’t waste money on repairs when the system is failing.
  • Your system is 10 to 15 years or older. Older units become unreliable as they age.
  • You want to upgrade to an energy-efficient system to save money on electricity bills. Older units are generally not energy efficient, and a new model will use less energy to do the same job.
  • It frequently breaks down. This is a clear sign the unit is failing.
  • Your Moreno Valley unit is short cycling or distributing uneven cooling across the home. A system that is not working properly is no longer reliable.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Preventative Maintenance Plan from Sanborn’s

When you join Sanborn’s 5 Star Comfort Club you gain many benefits. The program offers residential and commercial customers savings on regular care, maintenance, and other services. One of the biggest benefits of our maintenance program is that it protects the unit’s warranty. Many warranties are voided because the homeowner did not maintain the unit. Having a valid warranty means you save a lot of money on basic repairs.

When Sanborn’s repairs your Moreno Valley AC unit, you not only receive excellent service, but your energy bills will decrease and the efficiency of the unit will increase. Our Moreno Valley HVAC team provides a free estimate and five-star guaranteed workmanship. We even work on split system units.

Contact Sanborn’s for AC Repair Service in Moreno Valley, CA

When your Moreno Valley AC unit is not functioning, call on the local HVAC experts at Sanborn’s. We have been serving the Moreno Valley and Inland Empire since 1949. Our team is professionally trained to handle all models and brands of air conditioning units, and we make it easy to schedule a service call. We are also available after hours for emergency repairs.

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