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Moreno Valley, CA Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation Service

When Moreno Valley, CA homeowners upgrade to a new, energy-efficient air conditioning system, the new unit can save them a significant amount of money on their monthly electricity bills, as well as future repairs. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating is your local heating and cooling system expert in Moreno Valley, CA. We service, maintain, repair and install quality and modern air conditioning systems.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

Is it time to replace your AC unit? The following guidelines help you make that decision.

  • It’s more than 15 years old. Fifteen years is old for an AC unit. If you expect reliable service, a new unit is needed. It is better to replace an air conditioner before it fails than to live through a few days of hot weather when the air conditioner fails naturally.
  • Frequent repairs. Stop wasting money on repairs and put the money you would be spending on repairing the unit into the purchase of a new air conditioning unit for your Moreno Valley, CA home.
  • Low energy efficiency. If the unit is costing you more each month in energy usage, it is also better to invest that extra cost into a modern air conditioning system that is energy efficient.
  • Humidity issues. If your Moreno Valley, CA air conditioning equipment is affecting the humidity levels in your home, it is best to replace the unit or install a whole house humidifier. Our HVAC services make it easy and affordable to upgrade HVAC systems.
  • Loud noises or strange smells. Your air conditioning unit should not make hardly any noise and never produce an odor. If either situation is present, call for service and evaluation.

What to Consider When Buying a New AC System in Moreno Valley, CA

Proper AC sizing

We help our Moreno Valley, CA customers pick the AC system that best fits their home. It is important that units be able to handle the square footage of your home. If a lack of ductwork limits what the system can do, ductless mini-splits are also available.

Noise levels

When you choose a new air conditioning unit, consider how much noise the system makes. This is both for yourself and your neighbors. A quiet air conditioning system can be just as powerful as one that makes a lot of noise.

Indoor air quality add-ons

A whole house dehumidifier is one example of an add-on feature that improves indoor air quality and comfort. A dehumidifier can balance humidity levels by reducing the amount of moisture in the air.

SEER rating

SEER rating is the maximum efficiency rating for an air conditioning unit. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Not all HVAC units are created equal. A SEER rating of 21 is the best rating possible.

Hiring a professional HVAC contractor

Sanborn’s is your local expert for all things AC related. We have been here since 1949 and are proud to service the business owners and homeowners in Moreno Valley, CA. We are fast to respond to service calls and arrive in a timely manner. Our service professionals are certified in AC repair and installation.

When you need an expert for air conditioning installation services, we are your local experts. Give us a call and experience the difference that Sanborn’s offers. From expert cleaning or replacement of condenser coils to whole unit removal and installation, we offer quality, guaranteed workmanship by a courteous and professional team.

Financing for New AC Systems

Sanborn’s understands that repairs to old systems and installation of new heating and cooling systems can be beyond your budget. That is why we have developed relationships with various lenders.

We work with:

Wells Fargo via the Wells Fargo Home Project Credit Card. You can apply online; the process is based on approval of credit.

We also work with the HERO program, which can provide funding for energy-efficient upgrades to homes around the San Bernardino area.

Another option is Payzer, which is a lending program where you buy now and pay a little each month.

Learn more about these programs by visiting us online or giving our office a call.

Contact Sanborn’s for Air Conditioning Installation Services in Moreno Valley, CA

When you need a forever air conditioning expert in the Moreno Valley and surrounding area, turn to the qualified experts at Sanborn’s. We’ve been providing excellent customer service and exceptional heating and cooling services since 1949. We have the expertise, tools, and professionals to maintain, repair, or install heating and cooling appliances in residential or commercial settings. We are available 24/7, including holidays. We take our relationship with each customer seriously and develop long-term relationships with each of them. Join the Sanborn’s family today by giving us a call to start service.

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