Indoor Air Quality

Many households throughout the Inland Empire region of California experience high levels of airborne particle pollution. This indoor air quality (IAQ) issue causes a number of side effects, ranging from health issues and physical discomfort to dirty surfaces and decreased HVAC system efficiency.

A media air cleaner is an IAQ tool that can provide great relief from these unfortunate consequences and reduce pollutant levels indoors. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating tells you more about how a media air cleaner works and the many benefits of having one installed in your home.

How Do Media Air Cleaners Work?

Air pollution is often thought of as just an outdoor issue, but the fact of the matter is that the air inside a home can be even more polluted than the air we breathe when we’re outside. New sources of air pollutants are constantly being introduced to the home environment through household members, belongings, and daily activities. We keep our homes sealed tightly in attempts to keep heating and cooling energy in and limit energy waste, which robs the structure of much of the natural ventilation that helps reduce indoor pollutant levels.

A media air cleaner is an indoor air quality solution that helps homeowners tackle particle pollution issues and remove airborne contaminants to reduce exposure and limit other unwanted side effects. Whole house media air cleaners are installed alongside the home’s indoor HVAC equipment and ducts so that the device can filter particulate matter from the air as air circulates through the heating and cooling system.

There are many different whole house media air cleaner devices that can be installed in a home. As filtration is the primary method used to remove pollutants, a media air cleaner uses a high-efficiency media air filter to capture finer matter in higher volumes than a standard disposable furnace filter is capable of doing. These filters can remove up to 99.98 percent of the particulate matter down to 0.3 microns in size, which means a media air cleaner is a great option for eliminating not just dust and dirt, but common allergens, odors, and even certain viruses and bacteria.

Benefits of Installing a Media Air Cleaner

Installing a media air cleaner to work with your home’s HVAC system and reduce airborne particle pollution provides instantaneous benefits for your household. Let’s take a look at some of the positives a media air cleaner provides for San Bernardino area families:

Whole House Coverage

The power and placement of a whole home media air cleaner provides total coverage for your home’s entire air supply. Every room in your house benefits from better air quality and reduced air pollution, as your air cleaner works with the HVAC system to function as a central IAQ solution for your residence.

Portable air cleaners can only treat limited spaces, which doesn’t provide much elimination of particle pollutants when the space receives heat and cooling from the central HVAC system. Portable devices don’t stop pollution from spreading from one part of the house to another, nor are they powerful enough to provide sufficient contaminant removal for families. 

Easy to Maintain

The furnace filter shouldn’t be your household’s main line of defense against particle pollution – this filter is primarily in place for the HVAC equipment, not for air quality treatment. Yet, many homeowners treat the HVAC system filter as an IAQ product, which leads some to assume using a media air cleaner is much like using a furnace filter – they both have filters, after all!

While a media air cleaner is much more powerful than a standard disposable air filter and can capture many times more contaminant particles, it actually requires less maintenance than the furnace filter. If you’re using a 1-inch disposable filter with a low MERV rating, you’ll need to change it about every month or so – the filter used in a media air cleaner is several inches thick and provides a larger surface area to trap particles efficiently, but this filter only needs to be replaced once or twice per year, depending on your model. Units with pre-filter components typically only require a quick and easy cleaning a few times per year.

Cleaner Living Areas

Installing a media air cleaner can help homeowners cut back on cleaning frequency inside the home. When airborne particle pollution levels are high, there is more matter in the home, and you notice surfaces become dirty much faster. Using a media air cleaner to remove these contaminants from your home, your living spaces will remain clean for longer stretches of time, reducing your chore load.

Media Air Cleaner Installation

Installing a media air cleaner in your Inland Empire area home will greatly improve indoor air quality and daily life. Call Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating today and request an estimate for media air cleaner installation.