The Lost Art of Air Circulation

It may seem hard to believe that only two or three generations ago we all relied on air circulation to keep us cool, even in our Southern California climate. Then came the air conditioning revolution and we started buttoning our houses up tighter than a drum to keep the hot air outside. Before you jump to any wrong conclusions, Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating is not proposing we go back in time; but proper air circulation in our Redlands homes has become something of a lost art.
We’re not just talking about the comfort level in the home, but air circulation has become one of the least talked about elements of indoor air quality (IAQ). The outside air in the Inland Empire has some well-documented problems, but as a result of trapping the air inside our buttoned up and air-conditioned homes, our indoor air quality is many times much worse than what’s outside. So, we’re here to talk about the most cost-effective ways to improve circulation and our IAQ.

  • Box fans
    • Okay, we understand your first reaction may be laughter, but the old low-tech fans have a place in air circulation. Remember what happens in our desert-like climate, the air cools off quickly in the evening. When conditions allow you to open windows, two box fans at opposite ends of the house can work wonders. Put one in a window to suck air in and the other to blow air out. If you have a two-story house you can do the same thing on each floor. Let’s face it, box fans are cheap.


  • Ceiling fans
    • When used in conjunction with those box fans, the ceiling fans will help move the fresh air throughout the house. Don’t fall for the myth that ceiling fans actually cool a room, because it’s simply not true. What ceiling fans can do is make you feel cooler allowing you to cut your air conditioning use at least slightly.


  • Exhaust fans
    • If you don’t have exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms, you should consider installing them. They draw moisture out of the house and prevent humidity from taking over your home. Exhaust fans also remove contaminants improving IAQ.


  • Whole-house fans
    • The ultimate in improved circulation is a whole-house fan. Sanborn’s features the QuietCool™ brand. It is installed in the attic and draws in fresh air through open windows or vents and exhausts through the roof. A properly designed system will completely change the air in the home dozens of times every hour.

The advantages of whole house fans go beyond improving the air quality in your Redlands, CA home. The improved ventilation can extend the life of the roof structure, which over the long term can save you money.
If you still have questions about the value of improved air circulation in your home, or how to improve it, pick up the phone now and call Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve been providing 5-Star comfort for 4 generations.