Summer Survival Tips for Your AC

Happy Independence Day everyone. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating wants everyone to stay safe as they celebrate our nation’s 241st birthday.
The last thing we want is for your holiday to be ruined because your AC is not working. If it does happen, there are some things you can try before you go into full panic mode.
Start by taking a look at this troubleshooting video we’ve put together for you when your central air conditioner is not cooling. The video goes into more detail, but here are some things you can easily check before you call Sanborn’s:

    • If you have a programmable thermostat and the screen is blank, it’s possible the batteries are dead.
    • Double check the settings. We’re not being insulting, but thermostats are getting more complicated. It is possible a switch got bumped or someone set the wrong time or temperature while using the programmable features.
    • If in doubt, get out the owner’s manual to double check.


    • Restricted airflow because of dirty filters can mean the AC just can’t cool the house.
    • When you forget to change filters, they can become virtually blocked with things like pet hair.
    • Dirty filters will greatly reduce the life of your central air conditioner.

Circuit breakers

    • It’s possible something has tripped the electrical circuit breaker.
    • Go ahead and reset it, but if it happens again you’ll have to call Sanborn’s.
    • There may be separate circuit breakers outside near the outdoor unit.

If you’ve watched the video and gone through the checklist and the AC is still not cooling the house, then it’s time to call in the experts from Sanborn’s. Our technician will run a series of tests including checking the refrigerant level.
If Sanborn’s finds a refrigerant leak it should be repaired. A leak can cause more serious problems. If your system is old enough to use R-22 R-22 refrigerantTM refrigerant, the situation is more complicated. R-22 is being phased out because of environmental concerns.  It means replacement might be a better option than repair.
No matter what your air conditioning needs in San Bernardino, or anywhere in the Inland Empire, count on Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating for our 5-Star guarantees of comfort, cost, quality, completion, and carefree.