Many homeowners focus primarily on keeping the air within their homes at the right temperature. However, the quality of your indoor air is just as important as its temperature. UV air cleaners provide homeowners with an easy and effective way to improve the quality of air within their homes.

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What Is a Whole-Home UV Air Cleaner?

UV air cleaners target microorganisms that can pollute your air, such as mold spores, mildew, viruses, and bacteria. They use UV light to inactivate pathogens that could otherwise lead to illnesses and other respiratory issues. As air flows past the UV light, the air will be disinfected and any living organisms will be neutralized.

While you can purchase stand-alone UV air cleaners, whole-home air cleaners are much more effective, as they eliminate pollutants before they even reach your home’s air supply.

Stand-alone UV air purifiers, on the other hand, only treat the air in a given area after polluted air has already been distributed throughout the rest of the home.

How Does UV Light Purify the Air in Your Home?

UV light targets the DNA of organisms. This means that UV air cleaners have two jobs; to disinfect the air, and to eliminate the pollutant’s ability to successfully reproduce. Not only does this protect your home in the short term, but also in the long term, as the pollutants won’t be able to simply reproduce and then reinfect your home.

By adding a UV light to your home’s HVAC system, you’ll help to protect your family from illnesses such as influenza, the common cold, and other illnesses.

Installing a UV Air Purifier

Before starting the installation process, it’s important to remember that UV light is also very dangerous to humans. Use precaution when installing a UV air purifier, as prolonged exposure can lead to serious health issues and injuries.

As mentioned earlier, UV air cleaners can be installed directly to your existing HVAC system. They should typically be mounted on the supply air side of your HVAC system in order to treat as much air as possible.

Before you drill holes and begin the installation process, make sure that the UV light will not shine on non-UV-resistant materials, as it will break down any materials that are not resistant to the light over time. After you’ve chosen where to mount the unit, you’ll need to follow the given steps:

  • Drill holes in the HVAC cover
  • Screw the UV light in place
  • Plug the UV light into the power supply

For any help with the installation process, give Sanborn’s a call. We offer UV air cleaner installation services to homes throughout Redlands, CA.

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