Homeowners across the Inland Empire have several different options when it comes to what type of heating and cooling system they want to use at home. While most are familiar with traditional units like gas furnaces and central air conditioners, hybrid heating and cooling systems are an option that shouldn’t be overlooked! Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating shares more about these systems and why they’re a great fit for homes throughout the area.

About Hybrid Heating and Cooling Systems

A traditional HVAC system uses one type of fuel to do its job – a gas furnace uses natural gas; an air conditioner uses electricity. Hybrid heating and cooling systems combine technologies, giving the system options for which fuel source to use and when so it always achieves top energy efficiency. Hybrid systems are sometimes referred to as “dual fuel systems” as they have the option to utilize more than one fuel type to operate.

Older hybrid heating and cooling systems often use a heat pump for heating and cooling paired with a gas furnace that takes over under certain conditions where natural gas offers more energy-efficient heating performance than the electric heat pump can. Technological advancements over the years have created further options for hybrid heating and cooling systems to harness the most efficient methods available for home comfort. 

Hybrid Heating and Cooling from SunTrac

Sanborn’s offers hybrid heating and cooling systems made by SunTrac which use solar energy to improve the efficiency of the cooling process. A collection panel absorbs radiant energy from the Sun’s rays, and the heat is utilized in the refrigeration cycle to help the cooling system’s compressor use less electrical energy during operation.

Renewable energy gathered from natural sunlight is used to increase heat and pressure in the HVAC system’s refrigeration cycle. This addition decreases and displaces the workload of the system’s compressor, allowing the hybrid system to save energy. The compressor operates in low stage while still delivering the same cooling it would in full or partial load operating modes.

For home use, SunTrac’s hybrid heating and cooling systems include split system and packaged unit options. Their systems combine heat pump and natural gas furnace technology. Solar energy collection offsets energy consumption by the heat pump in cooling and heating mode, making the system more efficient. When necessary for improved energy efficiency, the system has the option to switch to gas heating for a period of time so the home is always heated using the most efficient means available.

SunTrac also offers indoor air quality products. Their air purification systems work alongside hybrid heating and cooling systems to capture airborne contaminants and remove them from the home’s air supply. Germicidal ultraviolet lights and activated carbon cells neutralize pathogens like viruses and mold spores to prevent their spread throughout the home and household. 

Hybrid Heating and Cooling Systems for Your Home

Are you ready to equip your home with the technology needed to heat and cool your home at the highest energy-efficiency levels throughout the year, under any conditions? Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating installs and services new hybrid heating and cooling systems made by SunTrac, bringing a new level of heating and cooling efficiency to homes throughout the Inland Empire region. To learn more or request a quote for installation, please give us a call today!