Heating and cooling system maintenance is a key component to keeping your home running smoothly all year long. HVAC equipment often requires professional tune ups to be done yearly. However, often these visits are overlooked and systems are neglected – which can have some pretty big consequences for your HVAC system.

An HVAC service agreement can help homeowners ensure their heating and cooling systems receive the skilled care they need when it is needed. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating explains what an HVAC maintenance agreement is and the benefits of enrolling in one.

What Is an HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

An HVAC service contract is an agreement between you and a local heating and cooling company that covers specific maintenance needs for a year. Under an annual HVAC service agreement, the company typically schedules and performs all maintenance work over the contract term. 

What is included in an agreement can vary from company to company as far as additional perks go, but generally, they all cover one heating maintenance tune up and one cooling maintenance tune up per year. Homeowners everywhere agree that preventive maintenance is one of the best things for your system’s longevity.

How Do Homeowners Benefit from Enrollment?

Heating and cooling contractors know how easy it is to forget about scheduling HVAC maintenance tune ups, which is the primary reason the HVAC service agreement was born.

Joining one makes heating and cooling maintenance much more convenient for homeowners. The company typically calls you to schedule the appointments so you don’t have to worry about remembering to do so, and tune ups are scheduled at your convenience because they are performed outside of peak seasons so you aren’t stuck waiting.

HVAC Unit Warranty

One important thing that many homeowners aren’t aware of is the maintenance requirement in the warranty terms for most HVAC units. Heating and cooling equipment manufacturers typically require you to have annual maintenance service performed on the unit by a licensed HVAC technician in order to uphold the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. If you forget to schedule even one tune up, the manufacturer could void the warranty which will leave you responsible for covering the costs of new parts to fix the system, should a defect be discovered.

HVAC Maintenance Agreement Perks

An HVAC service agreement often includes other perks for customers who enroll in the program. These perks are set by each HVAC company, and some typical examples include:

  • No overtime charges for after-hours service
  • Parts and labor warranty covering the HVAC company’s work
  • Free inspections or diagnostics for repairs
  • Discounts on repair services and new equipment purchases

And, of course, the maintenance services alone provide numerous benefits for homeowners. When you sign up for an HVAC service contract, your system tune ups provide all of the following:

  • Higher energy efficiency from a well-maintained HVAC unit can lower system energy consumption and reduce your energy bills by as much as 15%!
  • Lower risk of system breakdowns over the course of heating and cooling seasons.
  • Peace of mind that your HVAC unit will be ready to perform once you’re ready to start using it.
  • An opportunity to find flaws and fix problems in the system before they snowball into larger issues that are more expensive to repair and cause more damage.
  • Longer system life helps you avoid early HVAC unit replacement and the high costs necessary for buying new equipment.

Sign up for an HVAC Service Agreement Today

Enroll in an HVAC maintenance agreement, and you can make sure all of your heating and cooling system maintenance visits are covered for the year, plus gain the many benefits that go along with maintenance service. Call Sanborn’s today to join an HVAC service agreement.