HVAC Problem Solver: Ductless Mini-Splits

Most people in the US have not heard of ductless mini-splits as an alternative to traditional HVAC systems. Ductless technology is popular all across Europe and Asia, and for good reason! They are efficient, easy to install and maintain, and do a great job cooling your space. Read on to learn more about how these systems improve your home’s comfort.

Ductless Mini-Splits: The Solution to Many HVAC Problems

A ductless mini-split system is usually a type of heat pump, although some are just air conditioners. These systems have one indoor unit directly connected to an outdoor unit. 

Depending on the model, up to six indoor units connect to an outdoor unit, each with their own refrigerant line. This type of connection eliminates the need for ductwork, and increases the overall efficiency of your HVAC. It also provides an opportunity for zoned climate control.

The indoor unit is a sleek piece of equipment that looks like a narrow fan connected to your wall or ceiling. They work quietly and are often unnoticed once installed. Ductless mini-splits have many advantages and solve problems such as:

  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Spaces without existing ductwork
  • Home renovations and additions 
  • Poor energy efficiency

Solve Uneven Temperatures a Ductless Heat Pump

If you notice your home has hot and cold spots, do you close vents in various rooms and turn up your heat or turn down your AC to adjust? This is actually a bad idea. Closing vents restricts airflow to your current HVAC system and strains your AC unit. This eventually leads to a shorter lifespan. 

Furthermore, adjusting your thermostat drives up energy costs. A better solution is to discuss ductless mini-splits with your HVAC technician. Installation of one or more mini-split systems sometimes lowers energy bills and provides you more comfort, depending on your current system and use. 

Many homeowners opt to install ductless units the rooms where they spend the most time. Then, they run their central heating and air at a more energy-efficient temperature while boosting the heating and cooling in occupied rooms with the ductless units. 

It is important to talk with a certified HVAC technician who has experience with ductless mini-splits for advice on the best approach for installation.

Ductless Mini-Splits Bring Comfort to Spaces Without Existing Ductwork

Thinking of adding a sunroom or finishing an attic? Don’t worry if it’s not currently connected to your home’s HVAC system. If you want more use out of your space, consider installation of ductless mini-splits. They are installed with minimal disruption to your current space. Once installed, use these rooms in all seasons and weather. Imagine the difference temperature control makes! 

Home Renovations and Additions Are Easy with Ductless Mini-Splits

If you are considering a home renovation or addition, you already know how expensive running new ductwork can be. Want to add air conditioning to a garage? Connecting your new space to your current HVAC is cost-prohibitive for many families. 

Think outside the box! Consider installation of ductless mini-splits to your new space. These units are easy to install and combine the same level of comfort provided by your traditional system.

Get Energy Efficiency with Ductless Heating and Air

Ductless mini-splits are quite energy efficient. Traditional ducts often leak heated or cooled air to the outdoors, wasting energy dollars. The farther the room is from your main system, the longer the ducts, and the more heated or cooled air escapes, plus energy loss en route. 

This is one reason why ductless mini-splits are so popular! These units have virtually no air loss because there are no ducts. This makes them ideal for attic rooms, additions, and spaces uncomfortable due to inefficient ductwork.

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