In today’s homes, poor air circulation is a common problem. We keep our homes sealed up tight to hold energy within, preventing loss, which unfortunately limits the natural circulation families used to rely upon to stay cool. Poor circulation causes air quality problems and discomfort. In our most recent blog, our technicians discuss tips to improve indoor air circulation in rooms to create a more comfortable and healthier environment.

How Do I Get the Air in My House to Move?

Poor air circulation is a detriment to a home’s indoor air quality. When a home lacks natural and mechanical ventilation, air in rooms becomes stagnant and there is no exchange to move airborne pollutants out of the area. Pollutants build up and increase in concentration, which can cause increased allergy symptoms and other health issues due to exposure.

Getting air to move through your home and improving air circulation involves a few areas. First, there must be paths for air to move into and out of the space. This means opening vents and keeping them unblocked. For natural ventilation when the air conditioner is not in use, opening doors and windows helps move a breeze through the space. Running a box fan in an open window draws cool air into the space and forces stale, hot air out. Next, ensure there are no restrictions affecting the ducts and HVAC system, such as disconnected duct runs or a dirty air filter.

How Can I Improve the Air Circulation in My Home?

Improving your home’s air circulation may incorporate different equipment to aid in ventilation and air movement. 

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans don’t actually cool a home’s air but they do keep air moving, which improves circulation and helps people feel more comfortable. A fan spinning counterclockwise draws air up and pushes it back down, keeping it moving to create a wind-chill effect. This air movement also helps evaporate moisture from the skin so the body feels cooler. They are a low-cost answer for improving air circulation in house spaces.

Install Exhaust Fans

Kitchens and bathrooms are prone to stale, stagnant, and hot air. Activities such as showering and cooking create heat and moisture, which become trapped in the area when there is poor ventilation. Improving air circulation in these rooms involves installing exhaust fans.

Exhaust fans should be run whenever heat and moisture-producing activities are conducted and left on for a short while after the activity stops. The exhaust fan pulls moisture and hot air out of the area, moving it outdoors so that fresh air is able to come into the space.

Whole House Fans

Whole house fans are great at improving air circulation in homes because they impact air movement throughout the entire home, not just one area. A house fan sits in a home’s attic, and as it runs, it draws fresh, outdoor air into the home through vents. By drawing in fresh air, air exchange forces stale air out through exhaust vents. The whole house fan can be used to change the air in a home multiple times per hour so air is circulating quite often.

How to Cool a Room with Poor Circulation

Without air movement, it becomes difficult to keep a room comfortable. Poor circulation prevents newly conditioned air from entering the space and/or stops it from flowing back to the air conditioner for treatment when it gains too much heat. To cool a room with poor circulation, you must start by opening air passages so air can move into and out of a room. Opening windows and doors creates natural circulation and can cool a room on mild days. 

To cool a room with the home’s air conditioning system, make sure the supply vents are opened and unblocked, and inspect the duct system to check for leaks or disconnections that prevent the space from receiving conditioned air. Check return vents for blockages, and make sure ducts are attached and in good condition so that stale air is transported out of the room and back to the air conditioner as needed. Using the products mentioned above can also help you keep this problem space more comfortable.

Improve Air Circulation with Sanborn’s

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