Whether you’re building a new house or your home’s current heating has broken down on you, finding the right heating system to install is crucial to staying safe and comfortable during the winter months. One of the most obvious factors to take into consideration is the cost of a new heating system. But, how much can you expect to spend on a new heating unit?

In the latest blog post from Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we’ll discuss the factors that ultimately determine the price of a new heating system to help you understand what you can expect to pay for a new unit.

Factors that Impact the Cost of a New Heating System


Just like with nearly any other product, the system’s brand name will play a role in its overall cost. HVAC systems from the bigger HVAC manufacturers typically come with greater warranties and enhanced performance, so many homeowners will pay a bit extra in order to get a system from the most well-known brands.

Type of Heating System

From heat pumps and furnaces to boilers and hybrid climate systems, there are many different types of heating systems available to homeowners. Each system’s price varies on several factors, such as availability and energy efficiency. When looking for a new heating system, try to find the sweet spot between the cost of the system and its effectiveness in order to see the greatest number of benefits.

Fuel Source

While some heating systems will be cheaper or more expensive upfront because of their fuel source, these costs are typically made up over time. For example, a gas furnace might be more expensive upfront than an electric furnace, but heating bills are typically lower with gas furnaces. When you work with Sanborn’s, we can help you decide between gas furnaces and electric furnaces to find the option that works best for your home.

AFUE Rating

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings determine how efficient your heating source is. The higher the rating, the more efficient the heating system is. Greater heating efficiency provides lower heating bills and more even and effective temperatures, so carefully considering the AFUE ratings of heating systems is an important part of the buying process.

Installation Labor

Finally, the actual cost of the installation labor will factor into the overall cost of the system. Before committing to a company, be sure to ask for a price estimate or quote to ensure that you’re getting the best price for the job.

How Much Does a New Heating System Typically Cost?

What it actually costs to install a new heating system will depend on many of the factors listed above. However, on average, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000-$10,000 for their new heating system.

While those numbers can seem daunting and intimidating, keep in mind that many HVAC companies offer some form of financing to help you pay for your new heating system. Having a reliable HVAC system in place is important to the overall safety and comfort of your home, and your HVAC company should work with you to find a payment plan that works for both sides. Get in contact with us today to learn more about the financing options available from Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating.

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