Air conditioning has played a significant role in the modernization of America – summer days throughout the country aren’t as hot as they used to be – at least indoors! Today, more than 87% of households in urban areas of the country have air conditioning.
In fact, the National Academy of Engineering has ranked air conditioning as the 10th most important achievement of the 20th century. To demonstrate the impact it has had on the country, consider this: in 1950, there were fewer than 500,000 people who inhabited the Gulf Coast area. Because of air conditioning, which sparked the Sun Belt movement, that number today is 20 million.
Thanks to air conditioning (and A/C repair!) in Redlands, we are more productive, more comfortable and for many, more healthy. It also improves our safety – in Europe, the 2003 heat wave killed more than 70,000 people, many of whom had no access to air conditioning.
By 1966, more than half of the population of Texas used air conditioning at home. Four years later, the New York Times editorial board stated that, “Because the air conditioner, the airplane and television have smoothed out harsh differences in climate, nearly abolished distance, and homogenized popular taste, Americans are becoming much less regionally diverse.”
Perhaps the most striking impact of A/C service in Redlands and across the country was architectural. In 1984, historian Raymond Arsenault wrote that air conditioning has changed the way of life, influencing everything from architecture to sleeping habits. He also noted that it contributed to the dissolution of poverty, agrarianism, romanticism, orientation towards non-technological folk culture, neighborliness a slow pace of life, and more. As temperatures rise throughout the country during the summer season, people now flock to find relief indoors – whether it’s at home or in shopping centers and stores that are air conditioned.
By the 1970s, A/C service in Redlands and in America was commonplace, and people spent summers cooling off on the couch watching TV. Great urban amusement parks went out of business, streets no longer served as the playgrounds they once had, and stoops and porches lost their social functions. Attendance at baseball games went down, hitting a peak in 1960 that took 20 years to reach again. When all is said and done, however, many today feel that to be air conditioned is to be modern.
Some people claim that the most significant impact on America that air conditioning has brought has been its influence on architecture. Although more windows remain closed during the summers than in years before A/C was available, those windows are generally bigger, brighter, and stronger. Replacing walls with thermal pane glass and ceilings that allow people to still view the skies are just a few of many changes in how buildings are designed, constructed and built that were brought upon by air conditioning.
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