Is Holiday Shopping Blowing Up Your Budget? Sanborn’s Can Help

Gosh the holidays were fun, weren’t they? All that food! All the parties! All the Shopping! And now, all the bills and you’re asking yourself, “What in the world was I thinking spending that much money?” Let Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating help get your budget back on track.
So what does your favorite HVAC maintenance company have to do with your budget? Well, we’re not a bank or a credit counselor, but we do have some great suggestions to help you cut your monthly spending on utility bills, and we can give you any needed help:

  • Change filters regularly
    • Dirty filters can cut heating & cooling efficiency by as much as 15%
  • Regular tune-ups and maintenance
  • Essential to maintain peak efficiency
  • Spot potential problems & prevent expensive breakdowns
  • Make your house energy efficient
    • Proper attic insulation
    • Weather stripping & caulking around doors and windows
  • Ductwork issues can cut system efficiency by 30%
    • Seal leaky ducts
    • Insulate ducts in attics, crawlspaces, and basements
  • Programmable thermostat
    • Used properly can save 10% a year on utility costs
    • Adjust 7-10 degrees while away from home
    • Don’t set for wild temperature fluctuations

You also need to consider long-term energy savings, even if it means spending some money upfront. If your HVAC systems are 10+years old, it likely makes sense to replace them. New models are much more efficient (30% or more), and could save you money every month. In fact, Sanborn’s will give you this 5-Star Guarantee:
When a client buys and installs a (qualifying) new heating or cooling system, it should save a minimum of 30% on operating costs. If that doesn’t happen, Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating will refund double the difference of the unrealized savings during the first year, on qualifying systems. The only requirement is that you notify us immediately after the first month of operation so our professional technicians can evaluate the system to locate the problem.
Just remember, cooling and heating your home is always a team operation. You can buy the most efficient new systems, but if the conditioned air is escaping from the house and the ductwork, it’s not going to do much good. Conversely, a tight, well-insulated home isn’t going to help much if your air conditioner is old and inefficient.
As the old saying goes, it may be time to pay the piper for your Christmas shopping splurge, but there are sensible ways to save money in other areas. Call Sanborn’s for your air conditioning and heating service needs, and find out how we can help get the budget monster under control.