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Electrical Repair Services in Fontana, California

Fontana, CA Electrical Repair

Many homeowners experience issues with electricity but often do not know how to identify the issue and properly repair problems. The highly skilled electricians at Sanborn’s provide a wide range of electrical services throughout Fontana, California. Whether you need a complete electrical system inspection or a broken light switch replaced, our team has served the community since 1949. 

Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating offers comprehensive solutions for electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. Some of the most popular services requested include:

If you are experiencing any issues with electricity within your home our team is helpful and our electricians provide thorough explanations of the best solution.

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Common Electrical Issues in Homes

Your home is designed to control electricity safely and efficiently. At the first sign of issues, homeowners should contact the qualified electricians at Sanborn’s. We promptly respond to inquiries and restore safety to your home. Throughout your home, every wire, outlet, switch, and fixture features safety materials to guard against fire and electrocution. The electrical panel in your home provides electricity across a series of circuits. Wires are insulated and fixtures are grounded so all electricity is transferred safely throughout your home. When any component fails or malfunctions you will use more electricity and possibly risk the safety of your property and family members.

Blown Fuses

There are many reasons a circuit breaker will trip within your electrical panel. Surges in electricity and power outages may cause a blown fuse. In many cases simply resetting the breaker will restore normal operations. However, if the system is compromised by a faulty component you may quickly experience another failure. In some events, a circuit is overloaded with too many outlets, fixtures, or appliances. DIY electrical projects or improperly installed fixtures are common causes of this issue. If you have persistent issues with blow fuses call our team for a complete inspection and diagnosis. 

Electrical Installations

When homeowners remodel, redecorate and build new homes, electrical installations should always be performed by skilled, qualified electricians. While many guides, video posts, and even retail websites present the installation of new lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and other electrical appliances as DIY projects, mistakes can be catastrophic. When you hire a professional electrician your new equipment runs properly and your home is safeguarded against electrical problems. 

Odors and Burning Smells

Faulty electrical odors may present as burnt plastic or rubber. Hidden within your walls and behind covers overheating and arcing electricity may burn insulation, and plastic housings and present strange smells. If you smell something odd in your home, contacting our team is a wise decision. Beyond our expertise with electricity, we are a full-service HVAC company. We can inspect and find the source of foul odors. 

Discolored and Melted Outlets

Burning, arcs, and malfunctions in appliances and electrical fixtures may discolor or even melt exterior covers and housings. If you see discoloration or damage to the front of outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures, the issue is likely within the electrical system. Contact our team promptly to identify the cause and provide solutions.

Dim Lights and Flickering or Buzzing

Conventional light bulbs often flicker or burn out completely when they fail. LED lights often dim slowly over time. So if you experience dim lights, flickering, or buzzing from a lightbulb, replacing old light bulbs is a simple test. If light bulbs are failing frequently there may be a bigger issue. A failing light switch, the wrong style bulb, faulty ballasts, and issues within the wiring can cause issues. If you hear noises or see changes in lighting, Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating uses state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the cause and provide a secure repair.  

Installing GFCI Outlet

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are built into many power cords, certain appliances and outlets mounted in high-risk locations. These devices protect equipment like sensitive electronics and your family members from severe electrical shocks. GFCI outlets can be reset and tested directly from the front panel. Modern designs feature indicators or status lights. Installing outlets is a wise choice for homeowners and replacing aging outlets before they fail assures your home is safe and running efficiently.

Damaged Outlets

Age and abuse may cause outlets to malfunction. Within the outlet, the receptacle grips the prongs at the end of the electrical cords. If a cord is loose or falls out of the outlet, broken prongs are usually to blame. Replacing aging outlets protects your home and every device you install into the outlet.

Cracked outlets

The exterior of outlets also poses risks to expensive appliances and devices. Cracked surfaces on electrical outlets collect dust and airborne debris. Deep cracks and damage to outlets may expose components and wiring that is dangerous. Any damage to an outlet should prompt you to stop using the outlet and contact our team to replace cracked outlets. 

Contacting Sanborn’s for Electrical Repairs

Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating offers comprehensive electrical repairs, installations, inspections, and maintenance for homes throughout Fontana. Whether you know exactly what you need from our professional electricians or need help finding and fixing an electrical problem, Contact us today!

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