Do you find it difficult to stay on top of air filter changes for your heating and cooling systems? Do you never seem to have a fresh filter handy when you need one? If you’re one of the many homeowners who has trouble remembering to buy air filters and change them regularly, a filter delivery service is the solution you’re looking for! Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating explains how they work and how they benefit you.

How Does a Filter Delivery Service Work?

An HVAC filter delivery service eliminates the need for a trip to your local home improvement store every time your furnace or air conditioner is due for a new air filter. With a filter delivery service, you can make sure you always have a brand new filter at the ready when yours is in need of a change.

With Sanborn’s filter delivery service, you can order the exact filters you need right from our website! We offer a vast selection of filters for residential furnaces and air handlers, with many brands, sizes, and MERV ratings available. Simply place your order, select the quantity of air filters you want delivered and how frequently you’d like to have them delivered, and that’s it!

Benefits of Having Filters Delivered to Your Door

Forgetting to change furnace filters is a big problem for many homeowners, despite their best intentions. Failing to replace the filter when it becomes clogged with debris forces the HVAC unit to work harder to move air through the system. This wastes energy and can lead to overheating which damages components inside the unit. Even if you remember to visually check the filter each month, if you don’t have a clean one on hand, you may forget to replace it altogether!

With a filter delivery service, you will always have the fresh, clean filters you need, right when you need them. An air filter delivery service offers many valuable benefits for homeowners, including:

  • No more trips to the hardware store to buy air filters.
  • No more guessing filter dimensions at the hardware store – online ordering is done from home where you can easily access your system and see exactly what size you need!
  • Set a new filter to ship when your system is due for replacement or order extras to keep on hand.
  • Free shipping when you purchase from Sanborn’s filter delivery service.
  • Access the filters you need in one spot – no more driving from place to place in hopes of finding a replacement filter that’s the right size or type.
  • With fresh filters on hand, you’re more likely to conduct filter changes when needed, which will help preserve system function and improve energy efficiency.
  • If you need help, our experts are standing by to help you choose the right filter for your system – unlike when shopping at the hardware store.

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Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating offers filter delivery service for homeowners in the Inland Empire area. Simply order online and your filters will be delivered straight to your door. For assistance or to learn more, please call us today!